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Why Taliban Killed Afghan Comedian Nazar Mohammad?

A said comedian in Kandahar, Afghanistan Nazar Mohammad was reportedly killed by Taliban forces on June 23. Initially, the reports said that it was “unknown gunmen” but the family blamed the Taliban for the attack. Nazar also used to serve in the local police force which may have been the motive for the Taliban to abduct, torture, and kill him. However, the terrorist group denied that it was their act.

The world is not confident of the Taliban’s denial because of how things have grown difficult for the entire country after the Joint Declaration between the US and Afghanistan. The Taliban forces have grown much more strong and violent under the “peace deal” as proven from the recent events. Taliban continue to reclaim control over the lands, sometimes by dragging people out of their houses and executing them. More than 11,000 Afghani families have become refugees as per the latest media reports.

Folks feared that the so-called War Against Terrorism was lost from the beginning and it would only get worse now.

Nazar Mohammad Faces Torture before Death

A shocking video appeared on social media a few days after Nazar Mohammad was killed. In the video, multiple militants who were suspected to be Taliban were seen forcing Nazar inside a shady car. He was then abused by one of the captors while the others were enjoying and smiling.

Reportedly, the photographs showed that they took him to an open area where they tied him to a tree, further tortured him, and then slit his throat. His body was found lying on the ground.

Taliban Continue to Terrorize Afghanistan

The accusation remains on the Taliban because the murder happened in the wake of their ongoing assault on the civilians and security forces. Their hate for the controversial Afghan Government has been hurting the innocents for decades. Reportedly, the militants searched the house after house looking for government workers in the Kandahar province. They have been fighting with the government forces for several days in the outskirts and the incident with Nazar Mohammad happened during this time.

There has been a huge surge in Taliban violence after the complete withdrawal of the US forces and its allies. Their control over Afghanistan has consequently increased with more than 200 district centers out of a total of 419. The deadline for foreign forces to leave Afghanistan is 11th September 2021.

New Evidence Resurfaces

The brutal attack on Nazar Mohammad was indeed condemnable but some social media accounts shared evidence that suggested that he may have been killed for some different reasons than what most people think. They posted videos of the time when Nazar was in the police and was probably doing what most policemen do; taking bribes. It was also said that he belonged to the same CIA-backed Afghan Local Police (ALP) that was accused of grave Human Rights violations. This discovery started an argument that the “comedian” alibi may have been used to manipulate sentiments to distract the public from the actual situation in Afghanistan.

Folks were also sharing images of a dead body with the family. However, the image was actually from another incident in 2015 when the Taliban attacked Afghan forces in Herat Province.

This confused and led the media to publish incomplete reports.

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