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5 Must to Listen Songs of Nazia Hassan on Her 53rd Birthday

It is the 53rd birthday of Pakistan’s legendary singer Nazia Hassan- An artist who is amongst the pioneers of Pop music in the country. It has been almost 18 years since Nazia Hassan left this world for heavenly abode, but Indo-Pak music aficionados still find themselves overwhelmed by the magic of her melodious voice.

Famous Nazia Hassan Songs

The popularity of Nazia Hassan is evident from the excitement of fans in response to Google’s tribute to the singer on her 53rd birthday. The search engine is keeping with the tradition of paying homage to celebrities on their birthdays and death anniversaries. Recently, it made the doodle of Mirza Ghalib and eighteenth-century poet, whose poetry is much relatable to even millennials.

Seeing Nazia Hassan’s doodle on Google must have prompted users to listen to pop melodies. So, here is the list of five songs that are not only entertaining but equally relatable. They are more like a voice of the heart.

Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aye

Nazia made her debut in with Ap Jaisa Koi in Indian film Qurbani. This song that uses drums and beats in its composition has magical lyrics that seem to be representative of everyone’s feelings. Almost three decades have passed but still, youngsters love humming this song.

(Credit – Rakesh Verma)

Disco Deewane

Most of the youngsters came know about this song after it got features in Alia Bhatt starrer Student of the Year. Disco Deewane is an ultimate party song that even modern generation loves to play in its gatherings and socials. Its music and lyrics are powerful enough to make listeners sway in amusement.

(Credit – PunjabiGuyLondon)

Ankhein Milanay Waley

A pop music often faces an accusation of being high on beats and eliminating the impressive lyrics. But, such a notion merely seems to be a generalization when we have a look at Nazia Hassan’ songs and particularly Ankhein Milanay Waley.

(Credit – R4949)


Dosti has remained one of the favourite songs of Nazia and Zoheib. It beautifully depicts the relationship of friendship in musical form. Listening to this song reminds a person of the beauty of friendship bond.

(Credit – karmaguy88)

Kariye Pyar Diyan Galan

Nazia Hassan sang most of her songs in Urdu. But, she has also catered to the needs of Punjabi music lovers. One of her famous Punjabi song ‘ Kariye Pyar Diyan Galan’ is an amalgam of traditional Punjabi music and poetry with modern beats.

(Credit – Hammad Rais)

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