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All You Need to Know About Bob Proctor Net Worth

Motivational speakers have indeed gained exposure due to rising popularity of digital media: but they were in demand even when there didn’t exist internet. Or, we can say that due to many life choices ambiguity has prevailed and decision making has become challenging than ever.  The stardom of some renowned motivational speakers, like Bob Proctor, proves how much public wants to learn about personal development. Due to such reasons self-help writers and mentors are earning in millions. The fact is evident from the Bob Proctor net worth which is more than famous Hollywood celebrities like Demetrious Johnson.

American motivational speaker Bob Proctor has inspired the generations through his effective coaching. He not only knows the art of motivating the folks, but he is an author of best-selling self-help books. The man also got featured in the famous movie The Secret that talks about “Law of Attraction.”

What is Bob Proctor Net Worth?

How much money can a person make from getting into the minds of people and teaching them the art of exploring their hidden powers? Well, it all depends on how well a person is at making people have a strong self-belief. The fact that Bob Proctor net worth is approximately $20 million proves that an expert motivational speaker who has the power to change the lives of people with his words is no less than a showbiz celebrity.

But, why only Bob Proctor is a millionaire. Why is it not common to hear about self-help coaches earning millions of dollars? In the field of motivational speaking, we have got very few examples like we have Anthony Robbins who is famous for teaching people the art of fire walk.

Bob Proctor Net Worth

Well, the case of ordinary motivational speakers not earning much is not different to another field. The world is crowded with business persons and entrepreneurs, but not everybody is Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

The reason why likes Bob Proctor and Anthony Robbins manage to capture mainstream attention is that they have struggled to reach such position. The story of their life is itself a lesson. Therefore, it is easy for their listeners to believe what their gurus have to say.

Let’s have a look at what was the life story of Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor Biography

83 years old Bob Proctor was born on 5 July 1934 in Ontario Canada. He is a son of Brian Proctor. He married to Linda Proctor and had a son Brian Proctor.

Turning Point in the Life of Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor was high school dropout. He left the school in nine grade and started working for low paying jobs. According to available online resources Bob Proctor worked for the posts that hardly earned him few thousand dollars at the end of each year. He was 26 years old when his life took a turning point. He got to reach the famous book by Napoleon Hill that was Think and Grow Rich. After reading the book, Proctor became motivated and started thinking about life with another approach. In fact, exposure to Grown Rich’s work played a significant role in changing the Proctor’s life. At this point, he made his company that offered the services for washing corporate floors. In fact, that change of thought made Bob Proctor Net Worth grow in millions. From earning few thousand dollars in one year, he immediately started receiving $175000 in one year.

What Else Contributed to Bob Proctor Net Worth

The business that offered floor washing services now grew to cities like Toronto, Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, London, and Atlanta. Proctor’s journey towards stardom began when he started working for Earl Nightingale, who was an author, presenter and personal development coach. Following the brief period of working with Earl, Proctor now launched his network of 19 companies that offered services in the field of personal development that has many benefits. The company conducted seminars, published books and provided one-to-one coaching services to various clients. Being a CEO of company LifeSuccess Productions made Proctor achieve a mass level of fame.

These were not the ordinary folks who looked towards Bob Proctor for getting inspiration in life. According to various online resources, Bob Proctor also inspired the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Larry King. Such a fan following among renowned celebrities indicate that Bob Proctor had to say some motivational things that made people change their mind.

Bob Proctor Books

Another thing which has a contribution to Bob Proctor net worth is his writings. He is the author of many bestsellers which are popular among leaders as self-help books. People who look for how to achieve success and satisfaction in the life consider his writings worth considering. Few famous Bob Proctor books include Be A Magnet to Money, You Were Born Rich, It’s not about the money, Contact Capital: How to Turn Your Contacts into Cash Flow and The Mission in Commission.

Bob Proctor is also a traveler, and he spreads his teaching to the citizens of the world through various seminars.

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