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Neha Kakkar Surprises Everyone With Her Early Pregnancy

Neha Kakkar and husband Rohanpreet Singh sent the internet in frenzy after sharing an Instagram picture of a baby bump while cooped up in a loving embrace.

The couple ha got married on 24th October, therefore it seemed too early for them to flaunt a bump. Consequently, folks on social media raised their eyebrows. Neha recently revealed that she first met her husband on the sets of her song named Nehu Da Vyah and instantly decided to marry him.

However, the fans suggested that her first baby bump has also arrived instantly. According to medical science, it normally takes 3-4 months for the bump to start appearing. Moreover, in the beginning, it is not as substantial as the one seen in the picture the couple shared, which implies pre-marital preganancy.

Neha Kakkar And Rohanpreet Singh Set Internet On Fire

It is time for celebration for Neha Kakkar as well as her fans. They are surely excited that the couple was brave enough to share the news despite knowing that people know maths and they will make fun

It was inevitable for people to not come up with such comments.

It is possible that a couple could be having non-marital sex before tying the knot. It might be normal for them but obviously, they do not disclose in front of everyone to avoid nuisance. This is why it is wise to not be judgmental of anyone before knowing them properly.

The news brought out another instant delivery of 2020 in India which received criticism from some fans. Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya got engaged on the first day of 2020, announced the marriage on 1st June, and welcomed the first baby on 30th July. The cricketer has probably faced criticism for this. The meme in the following tweet defends Hardik since Neha did the similar thing.

Neha Kakar and Husband Being among Fastest Things in the World?

Some more interesting memes were following the news, like adding the couple to the list of fastest things in the world, making them start with the likes of Usain Bolt.

There were more on Neha Kakkar being compared to Hardik Pandya.

Shouldn’t People Mind Their Own Business?

Neha Kakkar told a magical love story that would be starting its new chapter soon. Some users slammed those who were making fun of the couple in this beautiful moment. It doesn’t matter that the couple is expecting a baby just after 2 months, what matters is that both are happy. Just like an average person would not want anyone to interfere in their matter, the couple also deserved respect which people violated.

Interestingly, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcomed their first baby together out of wedlock; however, there was not much criticism of them. It is not sure whether Neha Kakkar and her husband started expecting before getting married. Even if this is so they might be facing criticism since they are in India where such things are far from being normal.

False Alarm

It was later revealed that the singer and her husband played with the feelings of their fans. Reportedly, Neha Kakkar does not have a baby bump in real world and the picture they shared was edited for the purpose of thier new song. The celebrity couple went through with confusion and misinformation on social media regarding the actress’ pregnancy to promote a song called ‘Kheyal Rakhya Kar’. The whole celebration or fun making instantly turned into anger and disappointment

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