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Net Neutrality Pros and Cons

Before we just to the net neutrality advantages and disadvantages, let us first have a look at this concept.

What is the FCC and Net Neutrality Definition?

The FCC suggests an open internet letting the users go to any website online and see whatever they want. The FCC definition further mentions that ISPs must not be able to slow down or block your access regardless of what you are viewing online.

The participants of the net neutrality protests want to the ISPs to provide net without any cost. The precise neutrality wiki definition also includes a government that cannot go after users for accessing a particular type of content online.


Here are the benefits.

No Censorship Restrictions

One of the biggest advantages is the availability of all the information to everyone. No censorship policy must be placed on viewing anything online. The recent Chinese internet censor policies go against the spirit of net neutrality.

No Content Blockade

An important part of the net neutrality is the availability of content to everyone. The academicians can research and find material even on the most controversial topics. The unbridled access to content is an important part of the freedom that internet provides.

Equal Internet Speed and Access to All

One of the core benefits of net neutrality is same speed of the web. Regardless of the internet service you are using, you will be able to enjoy the same speed. It ensures availability of equal bandwidth to all users across the globe. Net neutrality bill will be same for all the users.  

Net Neutrality Pros and ConsCons of Net Neutrality

Let us see the problems of net neutrality.

Not A Sustainable Business Model

Like every other business, internet service providers need returns on their investments. If they are not able to recover their money, they cannot keep on providing the internet forever. Therefore, net neutrality challenges the subscription based model of internet usage.

Unethical Business Practices May Become Commonplace

The use of the internet to promote certain products and not letting users see other products is discrimination. Many times, internet service providers block access to certain websites of their competitors.

No Incentive for Innovation

Innovation and research in the field of technology need investment. If the internet phone service providers are not able to secure their future returns, they will not invest money in any new technologies. It will lead to stagnation of any progress into the next generation of internet solutions.

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