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Netflix Announces an Animated Series on Resident Evil Game

Netflix launched a teaser of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness arriving in 2021. Without revealing too much information, the teaser gave an idea that it is going to be a creepy and adventurous ride. It left the fans asking for more but still turned out to be an amazing source of knowledge

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Teaser Reveals Less But Enough Info

Recently, Netflix has been providing its admirers with the entertainment they desire; For example, it currently released a new Enola Holmes movie that turned out to be a great success.  

Netflix made sure of one thing after launching Infinite Darkness’s teaser; it is much aware of how to grasp the attention of its viewers. The teaser is only a poster before the big show, in order to let the fans know what is coming. 

Infinite Darkness is a series based on the game Resident evil. This is the very reason why people would want to watch the series. The teaser revealed one more interesting feature of the season: it is animated which will keep the gist of the game alive. 

The game Resident Evil has been among us since 1996; the game was especially designed for the gaming portals including PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Sega Saturn, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo DS. It kept on evolving to the extent that it inspired the producers to make movies on it. However, movies did not do justice with the actual gaming experience because of the unanimated graphics and change of storyline. The characters of the game played a part in attracting enthusiasts towards it, therefore, allegedly, Infinitive Darkness will indulge gamers and movie lovers more, due to its originality. 

Popular Characters From The Game Make An Appearance

As per the teaser, the new Resident Evil Series is casting the popular siblings Chris and Clair, who will probably find themselves in zombie situations. Other than them, Leon the famous character of the game is also making an appearance in the show. It seems like he is going to offer solutions to every crucial situation in the show.

The production company is Capcom, which is producing the show in association with Netflix and TMS Entertainment Company.

Similarities between the Game and the Series

The concept and genre (science fiction, horror, and thriller) of the series is the same as the game. Since the game has been embedded in the gamers’ minds, they will be able to notice the uncanny similarities.

The most prominent resemblance is Clair, Chris, and Leon, which were the most popular game characters. Presumably, the fans will need to wait for the whole trailer or show to enjoy it and to gather more details about Infinite Darkness. 

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