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Netflix’s Fate The Winx Club Saga might Revive Your Childhood

Brian Young, who is a renowned American fiction writer has come up with a new web series, Fate The Winx Club Saga. To comprehend how his new project is highly anticipated is because of the success of his previously created shows including The Vampire Diaries and Kyle X. Most importantly, The Winx Club saga, a magical-fiction web show is releasing on January 22, 2021, on the Netflix streaming platform.

The Trailer Of Fate The Winx Club Saga Reveals Big Twists  

According to the official trailer, the show is about a magic school that teaches students with magical powers. The supernatural students come across escapades in the show as they are supposedly tough on how to tackle the adventures. As per the plot, the scenes revolve around the main character and how she encounters her powers throughout the show. Additionally, the story also brings out secretes of the school which seems to be troublesome for the mystic students. All in all, aside from many upcoming Netflix series of 2021, Fate The Winx Club Saga is also one of the most anticipated web-shows that is revealing a diversity of genres including action, adventure, magic, paranormal, teen drama, suspense, and mystery.

Inspiration From The Animated Web Series, The Winx Club 

The upcoming Netflix show is a remake of an Italian-American cartoon series named The Winx Club. The animated show was a hit among the 90s cartoon Shows due to its portrayal of the fantasy-fiction genre. Those who have watched the cartoons would understand that the new Netflix series is just a fraction of the original one (cartoon). Although, the animation was also based on fairies, magic, and adventures.   

Assumptions About Other Shows that are similar to Fate

Numerous web series resemble the idea of Fate The Winx Club, as their concept and genre match with scenes of those web shows. Firstly, the TVD (The Vampire Diaries) franchise-based show, Legacies is similar because it has an institute that teaches how to control and master the powers that students have. Supposedly, some TVD fans are assuming that the show might take turn out to be exactly like Legacies since it is also a follow-up series after TVD and originals. 

The magicians, as the name suggests, is another magical show that included a school-based on magical teachings, a supernatural bad villain, and teenagers who have the potential to stop the inevitable. Reportedly, several viewers think that Fate The Winx Club Saga resembles the concept of The Magicians.

Lastly, these shows might have the same notion of presenting an idea; however, the plot, characterization, setting, and other fictional elements are different from the rest of the shows.    

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