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Netflix Movie Cuties Is Making Viewers Cancel Streaming Platform

The new Netflix movie Cuties is facing criticism due to its content that can promote pedophilia. Viewers have pinpointed the most disturbing fact about the movie: it shows 11 yeasr old young girls indulging in sensual activities. Such level of stupidity shown by their favorite streaming platform has made viewers go mad and they are now raising their voice against Netflix.

What Is So Wrong with Netflix Movie Cuties?

The potential Netflix lovers have decided to take a break from their most entertaining site due to Cuties. Their decision precedes the heartbreaking discovery of streaming media showing a movie with that sexualizes teenage girls. The Netflix Movie Cuties depicts two very young and under aged girls who are against their parents’ conservative mindset therefore, as a rebellious act, they decide to join a dance crew: the movie allegedly reveales them touching their private parts and performing inappropriate dance moves. This is the reason that has directed fans towards going against Netflix.

Criticism against Netflix was followed by a number of reasons. One of the reasons inferred that casting kids in a movie based on sexual themes, is believed to be immoral and highly unethical.  Inspiring children to work in 18+ films is nothing but a crime. The film makers, directors and the individuals who got indulged in the making of Cuties, ought to be punished.

Public Reaction on Cuties

Cuties became a center of attention for both Netflix admirers and haters. Certain Individuals wondered why the trend of cancel Netflix was  going on. They supposedly watched the movie and realized that the trend must go on in order to put an end to such idiocy.

Many viewers, who were without a doubt considered to be hardcore Netflix lovers, have also condemned themselves from continuing their subscription. They have thought Cuties as a pedophilic movie since it casts girls young enough to reveal their body and perform seductive dance. The viewers’ point of view reflectes their anger as they mention that even making of Netflix movie cuties seems a crime.

Public anger has not remained confined towards Netflix but it has also surrounded the people who  havemade this film. Some of the furious social media users suggested that there should be serious consequences like JAIL TIME for producing and releasing pedophilic movie like Cuties.

Fans Giving up Their Subscriptions

Netflix viewers who re offended by its poor decision of releasing Cuties, seem to have given up their subscription. They have actively participated in trend cancel Netflix in order protest against child abuse which is portrayed in movie not even as an abuse.

Questions Raised on Cuties

The Netflix movie cuties have made people different set of questions: for instance, who’s to blame for using youngsters in an 18+ movie? Was it the fault of movie makers who proposed such an idea for a movie, or the actual culprits were the parents who agreed on making their kids starts through working in a pedophilic film? It seemes that the parents who were on board with the idea of their children working in Cuties, were not concerned about their children’s future: they might be excited about all the fame and money.

In order to make sense of why spectators have turned their backs on Netflix and started to accomplish cancel Netflix goal, public might need to understand more about the movie and make their own opinions about it. Even the trailer of the movie reveales its inappropriateness by showing young girls in short dresses while dancing. It showes the fondness of girls towards sensuality. The movie could turn out to be a bad example for kids and new generation.

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