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Funny Nevada Memes Explain Public’s Anxiety about US Elections Results

It appears that the final results of US Elections 2020 are taking forever. Americans are not only at the edge of their seats but also their patience. Joe Biden just needed 6 more electoral votes to win the race against Donald Trump. Nevada had 6 electoral votes but it suddenly became slow in counting their national votes. The numbers on the polling screen froze at Biden 264 vs Trump 214. Biden was also leading in Nevada by 8000 votes. Reportedly, the state official said that the Nevada vote count will continue till Thursday (5th November). It happened to be today, so social media has come up with funny Nevada memes to remind them how important it is not to delay the inevitable.

Funny Nevada Memes To Buckle Up The Sleeping State

Folks were wondering how it could take so long to count the ballots. They could not contain their patience and offered their help, assuming that the electors might have ran into some crises. The meme was created from a scene in Avengers: Endgame, whose trailer broke the hearts of fans.

It has made them really angry and led them to hurl very serious allegations at the entire state. They wanted to explain the importance of delivering the results timely. Many US citizens have been very critical of Donald Trump’s problematic regime since the beginning; perhaps, this the reason why Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading in the popular vote and he is also likely to win the electoral college vote.

Here is another list of memes explaining what kind of president he has been

This is why US citizens think Nevada should have been serious in making their voting operations efficient. Here is a meme that shows what Nevada could be doing instead

Some of the memers made their peace with Nevada taking forever to post their results. This is how they might be feeling while being tired of asking again and again about the same thing

Memers Show What Nevada Might Be Doing

While the whole world is waiting for the results of 2020 US elections, the pressure continued to fall on Nevada. The state became the critical element for the hopes and dreams of people associated with this election. Meanwhile, Nevada could be taking a break from all the pressure and doing some meditation, as memers assumed

Or Nevada is most probably fed up of Americans trying to force it with outrageous attitude.

Even rest of the world can’t wait to witness the fate of America. Pakistan also entered the memfest as it has much practice over various meme figures in major authoritative departments in Pakistan. They also make several delays in announcing major news. This Mufti Muneeb who often finds himself under fire for delaying the announcement of moon sighting for Ramadan or Eid.

Some memers showed that the amount of people searching for Nevada results after every moment might have startled Google as well.

Why Nevada Won’t Post Results?

Some people tried to tease others who were waiting for last 6 electoral votes for Joe Biden. They forecasted a scene from the white house, which could happen if Nevada worked quickly.

Media reports did not mention whether Nevada will post the result today or tomorrow. This has made people more furious which lead to even more funny Nevada memes, which mocked their incompetence.

There were many conspiracy theories involved as well as to why Nevada and other states have delayed their results. Then the users remembered a popular myth that is famous with a certain strip of Las Vegas city

Historically, Nevada is known for voting Democratic candidates. In 2016, Hilary Clinton won all 6 electoral votes from Nevada. However, this year they were having a hard time counting the ballots. The twitter handle of state tried to explain how much they have worked and what is still left to count

Other than Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Alaska have also haven’t turned in their results. However, Nevada has a decisive role for its shaded in blue with a Joe Biden in lead but with a narrow margin.

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