Saturday, December 2, 2023
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New Ad Format by Google Soon to Roll Out

Google rules the search engine world for a reason; it just keeps evolving. The introduction of a new ad format by Google makes it look a lot more relevant.

People are already annoyed by the slow and sluggish advertisements. The company is planning to change the new ad format to AMP.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages letting the brands advertise better using the Google platform. The original feature was only for the news or publishing websites.

New Ad Format Will Give Advantage to Advertisers

Advertisers are always looking for ways to maximize the ROI on their advertisements. A slow opening ad format does not only affect the user experience; it gives a poor ROI. It means if you choose some other company over Google, your adverts won’t open up quickly.

Google says that its new ad format on AMP will open in less than a second on average. Google has made it clear that it will convert all ads to AMP format, running on AMP pages. The new technology will let the adverts match with the load speed of the overall content.

Google interest came into the AMP technology after Facebook’s work on Instant Articles. The work on the AMP pages will ultimately work wonders for the slow websites.

The use of AMP technology will benefit at different levels. The use of the new ad format with AMP will reduce bandwidth consumption. Similarly, it will make it easy for mobile users to view advertisements.

Google to Use Machine Learning for New Ad Format

Google also made the announcement that it will use machine learning for accurately tracking adverts. It will measure if the implementation of new ad format AMP helped in improving consumers’ online buying.

The launch of new Google Ad Words Beta is one step in that direction. The new ad format will let the advertisers rely on AMP technology for landing pages. Similarly, Google understands the importance of servers at the back of the technology. Therefore, Google will also update its ad servers across the entire Google Display Network.

Quick Overview of AMP Pages Benefits

Here is a look at some benefits of the Accelerated Mobile Pages for websites or content publishers.

  • The use of AMP pages makes them quickly load, improving the overall user experience.
  • The quick loading of AMP pages also helps improve SERPs.
  • An AMP page increases visibility as it shows a green symbol in the search results.
  • Now, since Google is focusing on AMP, your content must also use Accelerated Mobile Pages technology for enhanced user experience.
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