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The New Apple HomePod Sounds Great

The new Apple HomePod finally unveiled by the smartphone maker. New Apple HomePod will become available in the market by December this year. The new device is 7 inches tall and will cost $350. This new home Wi-Fi system will offer broad base and has seven tweeters. The new home sound system will have a room-sensing technology to adapt its sound.

Apple HomePod Demo

The users who listened to the first Apple HomePod demo like how it sounds. The demo on the Worldwide Developers Conference had positive reviews from the listeners around. Many were quick to point out the device being better than Amazon Echo or Sonos Play 3.

Like Echo, HomePod is a device connecting with the home. It will offer additional utilities like managing appointments, switching off lights, and providing virtual assistance. The device has an A8 chip which can deliver quality sound for different music tastes.

The six built-in microphones assist the device in analyzing the room. This spatial awareness lets Apple HomePod play the music according to its surroundings. The audio separates the vocalists from the ambient sounds. The singer’s voice in a song takes the lead, making it a lot clearer.  

Automatic Adjustment for More Speakers

The New Apple HomePod Sounds GreatYou can also group more than one Apple HomePod devices. If you buy two of these devices, they will reconfigure automatically to give best sound quality. This configuration will change with the addition of newer Apple HomePods.

Add to Apple Music Experience

The new device will sync with the already available Apple devices. There is an app to stream content from the user’s Apple Music Library seamlessly. Furthermore, the app currently does not offer support for other types of services. However, for adding any other music streaming service, you may need to consider adding other device and using AirPlay 2, which will come with the new iOS 11.

Apple HomePod Design and Internet Reaction

It may sound unbelievable and out of this world. Consequently, the social media never feels shy to openly expressing its opinion about something. Apparently, they have an opinion on everything, and Apple HomePod is no exception.

The overall reaction of the internet users was that of dismay and not liking the design.

Some social media users think of it looking like a trashcan. There are those who compare it to a Pineapple. However, the comparison does not end here, the device has been compared to British guard’s bearskin hat, Beats Pill (also speakers), toilet paper, yarn, doll skirt, and Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid.

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