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Fans Are Shocked to Hear of Robert Pattinson as New Batman

The Twilight star Robert Pattinson may be the next Batman, and the people are shocked why?

A few months back Robert Pattinson confirmed that he was not going to play Batman anymore. Since then fans are waiting who would be the next caped crusader.

Fans’ Views about Robert Pattinson as Batman

Here are some notable reactions from the fans.

A majority of people are not so thrilled to find out that Robert Pattinson might be the new Batman and are extremely angry at DC’s decision.

While others feel that an unusual he may be but they couldn’t negate the fact that he was an awesome actor who deserved a chance to prove himself

His fans think him to be the perfect choice for the role and urge his dissidents to first watch his movies and then decide.

Many people are having a hard time digesting this news and while trying their best to sustain their belief in cinema.

There Is An Excitement about Robert’s Role

When warner brother announced, the 33-year-old will be staring at the new Batman some people couldn’t stop laughing; as if it was 7 of the craziest things one never expected from the Batman.

There Were SomeExtreme Reactions As Well.

This user think that  Robert might not be the first choice to play Batman but he sure is the first choice to play as the Joker.

It seems Pattinson career is the dream of a five-year-old boy comes true. All the characters he’s played in the past are what five years old want to be.

Fans presented alternatives like Ian Somerhalder as a better choice than Pattinson as he ticked all the right boxes.

The debate reached to a whole new level.  This Twitter user seems a die heard Pattinson fan threatened to block anyone who spoke against the actor.

Perhaps it is difficult for fans to get over the Ben Affleck and accept any alternate like Pattinson.

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