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New Bollywood Movie Coolie No 1 Is Releasing with A New Cast

The era of the 90s was a special time for the Hindi film industry as well as Bollywood fans due to the hardworking actors and filmmakers. The popular faces took Bollywood to a whole other level of fame and reputation. Among those actors, Govinda was the one with the knowledge of wit that converted a regular audience into his die-hard fans. In 1995, His Coolie no 1 movie was a huge success for Hindi cinema because of its comedy genre and the acting skills.

Now, the director of Coolie no 1, David Dhawan recreated the fun and humor by making the sequel of the film. Besides the name, every element including cast, setting, and scene sequencing is supposedly different for the 1st version of the film. In the new Bollywood movie Coolie no 1, David’s son, Varun Dhawan is replacing Govinda and playing the lead hero. 

Director David Dhawan made plenty of films with the famous male and female actors of Bollywood. His alleged intentions of reviving the memories of those movies from the 90s are resulting in the remakes of the iconic films. For instance he recently made Judwaa 2, in which the hero was his son Varun who replaced Salman khan. Judwaa 2 was ranked among the highest-grossing films of 2017

New Bollywood Movie Coolie no1: Release Date

Varun Dhawan shared a small clip comprising the movie poster and a glimpse of music of his upcoming Coolie no 1 movie on social media. According to the protagonist of the latest Hindi movie, it is releasing on Christmas: it is going to hit cinemas on December 25th, 2020.

Plot and characters of Govinda’s Coolie No 1 

The movie was a combination of action, comedy, and love that involved Govinda as the hero and Karishma Kapoor as the heroine. Govinda was a Coolie (laborer) by profession who started to live a double life to marry the love of his life. To do so, he had to look rich; consequently, he pulled favors through his peers to look like a filthy rich landlord and finally married the girl. However, he faced difficulties and challenges to keep his dual identities hidden. Ultimately, Karishma’s father found out the truth about the hero’s real profession. Like most of the Hindi films, Coolie no 1 had a happy ending. 

The cast of the film involved some famous actors known for their acting in comedy films: 

  • Raju Coolie (Govinda Ahuja)
  • Malti the rich heroine (Karishma Kapoor)
  • Raju’s friend Deepak (Harish Kumar) 
  • Hoshiyaar Chand the Rich and greedy father (Late Kader Khan) 
  • Pandit Shadiram Gharjode/ Raju’s friend (Sadashiv Amrapurkar)

Particularly, these actors made the film a success in 1995. Even today, the admirers of 90s films adore it as the film is still fresh. This might be the reason David chose to revive the film for the audience. 

New Coolie no .1’s Crew, significance and resemblance with the original film  

As mentioned earlier in the article, the 90s was the golden period for Hindi movies and cinema, people around the globe anticipate how those movies would be like in 2020. Well, Dhawan presumably tried to end this curiosity by remaking those epic movies. Allegedly, this one is his 45th film that is likely going to accomplish success like his other movies.  

The new Bollywood movie closely resembles its original version since the plot is the same. Only this time, the crew is completely changed except for the director Dhawan. 

The cast of the movie comprises of: 

  • Raju the Coolie (Varun Dhavan)
  • Malt, heroin, and rich daughter (Sara Ali Khan)
  • Hoshiyaar Chand (Paresh Rawal) 
  • Hoshiyaar Mother (Bharti Achrekar)
  • Deepak, Raju’s friend (Sahil Vaid)
  • Johnny lever 
  • Rajpal Yadav 
  • Javed Jaffery 

As per the views of fans, these characters are the ones to make this film a hit due to their comedy timing and skills to present humor exceptionally. 

Criticism Against The Movie And Actors 

The viewpoints of the audience are the way to understand their thoughts regarding any piece of work whether it is a movie, drama, painting, or even a person’s voice. In the case of this new Bollywood movie, which is not really new several opinions also depict negative contemplations regarding the film but mostly the actors. 

Today, almost every person is familiar with the term nepotism. Seemingly, some entities aren’t a fan of Dhawan’s due to their alleged link with the favoritism or nepotism in the industry. People supposedly assume that Varun is the byproduct of nepotism and Mr. senior Dhawan doesn’t give others a chance in movies. Varun Dhawan is known for many films including Main Tera Hero, Student Of The Year, Street Dancer 3D, and many more. On the contrary, as per the critics, Coolie no. 1 is only a platform to make to Junior Dhawan a star above all. Some think, that David casts his son when there are no movies that Varun is eligible to do. Not just him but Sara Ali Khan is also facing negativity for being Saif Ali Khan’s daughter.

Bollywood does face huge criticism for promoting nepotism but it doesn’t impact the viewership of the movies, since the audience usually goes for what entertains them.

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