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New Content Warning feature on Twitter to Change the Way Users See Tweets

The microblogging website announced through a tweet that it has been testing a new feature for users who share sensitive and unsettling content. It will allow them to warn others about the nature of their post before sending it out. They would be able to add a one-time content warning to the media they want to share with the world so the viewers can choose whether to see it or not.

Reportedly, not all Twitter users will have access to this feature right away. Only a few selected individuals would see a new flag icon in the Edit interface.

How to Add Content Warning to Your Tweets?

If users believe that their post can disturb someone, they would have the option to attach a content warning to it. They can do it by tapping the Meatballs Menu or “…” button on the bottom right of the post to open the Edit interface. Tap the newly appeared flag icon on the bottom right corner of the Edit screen. Then the system will ask for the reason to add a warning. Currently, the users can choose from 3 options to define their content; “nudity”, “violence”, and “sensitive”.

The post would appear blurry with an overlaying message stating that the tweet author has flagged the video for specific reasons. It will only become visible once the user agrees to see what it is; otherwise, they can scroll past it without even looking at it.

How Useful is It?

If sensitive media is an attached content warning, users probably would be less exposed to something they don’t want to see. It can be a relief for those fed up with doom scrolling on Twitter. Moreover, the “sensitive” content sharer would also be more likely to receive relevant comments. Experts believe that if the tests are successful, the new feature will be handy for users like crime reporters and sex workers, who cater to a niche market.

However, the scale of this test is not clearly stated, nor is the time of its availability for all Twitter users.

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