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New Coronavirus Variant Omicron Sparks Best Memes on the Pandemic

New coronavirus variant Omicron has raised more concerns all over the world when things had just started to feel a little normal. The WHO announced that the 13th COVID variant, B.1.1.529 can be more dangerously contagious than its predecessors. It was discovered when the Delta variant was already driving high number of covid cases.

Omicron’s exact nature of risks is unknown but early evidence suggests that it has the highest rate of infection as compared to other variants. The bad news came when people were preparing for Christmas and may have made some special plans for the holiday season. It is likely that most of their plans might not turn out as desired because countries all over the world have been again imposing coronavirus restrictions like mandatory masks, social distancing, and even travel bans. In most parts of the world, these restrictions were just starting to get relaxed. Countries have again started to close borders and it is likely that more lockdowns will follow as well.

As folks learned about the new warnings and risks, they took to social media to sarcastically share their feelings over being stuck in an infinite loop of coronavirus variants.

New Coronavirus Variant Omicron Ruins Everyone’s Day

The news about the new coronavirus variant stopped many in their tracks who were getting ready to go out into the day. They may have gone back to bed after realizing that the virus was still out there in a newly evolved form and would probably keep living among humans as a separate being.

It’s Hurting a Lot of People

One does not have to be affected by the virus to know that it hurts badly. Life was going on normally with people traveling to other countries, sports events happening with the live crowd, and parties going on everywhere. However, now folks are not so sure what will be changed by the discovery of Omicron and whether the new coronavirus variant will hinder their happiness again.

Do We Still Care?

Many have followed the rules prescribed by the health organizations in hopes of somehow stopping the pandemic but the continuous emergence of new coronavirus variants every few months has been too much to handle. This could have made some humans be less bothered by whatever comes next.

Explaining Covid Variants

Every new coronavirus variant raises questions about its origin. No variant of any virus has a unique origin, the virus keeps on mutating which is why new variants can be expected. There are many COVID variants that the world is not even aware of yet. However, the appropriately named variants are being discussed more because they pose greater threats like spreading more easily and swiftly or resulting in severe symptoms. In short, the virus is just like a tree that branches out so probably folks have started to understand that this variant is not first and it’s definitely not going to be the last.

The Villainous Name

The new coronavirus variant also received some laughs over its name, which was similar to the name of a villain in the Transformer Cartoon series. The member of Decepticons is known for his high speed and agility and secret ambition to overthrow Megatron and take over the Universe for himself. His transformed shape is an F-16 jet, which increases his skills even more.

The Omicron variant has done something as well with the Delta variant, which previously caused so much fear that scientists started debating whether vaccines would work against it or not. Now the concern is shifted towards Omicron.

According to reports, the name of the new variant is the 15th Greek letter “omicron”. The last variant was the 12th Greek letter “Mu” and as it is the 13th variant, its name should have been “Nu”. However, it was reportedly discarded for being similar to “New”. The 14th letter “Xi” was also not considered because it was an actual surname of people in China and according to WHO’s best practices, new diseases cannot have names that cause any social, cultural, national, professional, or ethnic offense to anyone.

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