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Here is Everything to Know about Google TV Features

The new Google TV device has several features including streaming of all the popular sites. The device connects through HDMI with the LED/LCD in order to provide HD results. The most interesting feature of the device is its compatibility with the wide range of streaming sites. The device itself is a platform for online video streaming platforms.

What is new in the latest Google TV?

With the rising trend of streaming, Google is also taking a part in the same marathon as Netflix, HULU, amazon prime, and several other streaming platforms. The new Google Chromecast device provides a crowd of all the streaming apps and sites on a single platform. The users can watch the videos and movies by their favorite platforms on Google TV.

The best part about Chromecast is that it is controlled by voice assistance with the help of its remote control. Users can speak and let the device know about the movie one wants to watch. It will find the movie without giving the user the headache of searching for the movie’s platform. In simple words, if a user wants to watch a movie and he/she doesn’t have a clue about whether the movie is exclusive of amazon prime, Netflix, or any other platform, the Chromecast will play it by sparing the user the trouble of finding the platform first.

What do its users think?

People actually liked the new UI of Google TV since it provided good HD results and a new interface. The voice assistance and its excellent compatibility with its remote; made it quite an impressive and advanced device.

The new era inspired people to switch to android TVs that are innovative and give an idea of smart TVs. However, the new Google Chromecast is a way of replacing Android TV with Google TV where one can watch their favorite shows, movies, and other entertaining material without being bothered about what platform to choose.

Some individuals find it similar to Apple TV but cheaper. Apple’s products are expensive due to its interface and technology. However, as per people’s opinion, Google TV is inexpensive unlike Apple, and provides an impressive UI to its users.  

Other Google Projects

Google is investing in technological advancements and innovation. The new Google TV is a way to indulge individuals in grasping the idea of new and advanced technology. Aside from the new Google Chromecast, Google recently launched Google Pixel 5 with a price of $699. The device is a 5G enabled smartphone that was believed to be another successful product by Google. Along with pixel 5 and Google TV, It also introduced the latest smart speaker Nest Audio in order to provide a good sound and music experience.

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