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These New Halloween Movies Are Here to Give Fans Nightmare

Many countries are fond of celebrating Halloween by keeping up with the trend of spreading horrors. Every year people come up with exciting Halloween costume ideas to keep the gist of this festival alive. Similarly, movie platforms do not stay behind in entertaining people. This October, a wide range of new Halloween Movies and series are planning to make the 2020 Halloween better. As so many people are fond of Gothic movies, different streaming platforms are going to be jam-packed with suspenseful, mystery, and electrifying shows and films.

Netflix And Hulu Are On Fire With Halloween Movies

Halloween turns out to be the best time for Netflix because these platforms are going to launch some of the scariest horror movies and shows in October 2020. Recently, both platforms launched the trailers of their unreleased movies and series. 

Hulu’s Helstorm creepy trailer was out recently and it revealed some of the thrilling aspects of the show. The show has not been released and yet it has gathered the attention of many. 

Netflix also surprised its viewers with the trailer of its new show Hunting of Bly Manor, which is the sequel to the hunting of the hill house.

Other than that, it also picked one of the most popular games Resident evil, and shaped it into an animated series. Smart Netflix did not even release the trailer but an only teaser. The best part about it is that it has the same characters as the game, which gives it an exciting yet creepy look. 

The viewers will have to wait until 2021 to watch it. 

Most Awaited Movies And Shows in October:

October is preparing people for some crispy horror series and Halloween movies. The month of October itself, bring people towards crazy and thrilling activities. For those who like to spend their evenings and nights of cold October, this year is the best for them. New thriller and horror arrivals are going to play tricks on the minds of viewers once they are done watching the super creepy Halloween movies. 

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2

One of the most awaited series that is about to be a part of Halloween is Unsolved Mysteries volume 2. This is going to be its second season with the chilling and horrifying new cases. As the name of the show suggests, it is all about several mystery cases with obvious paranormal involvement. The new season is going to be launched on Netflix on October 19.

32 Malasana Street

When someone talks about a horror movie, the very first concept that comes to mind is the paranormal phenomenon associated with an old haunted house. This is the perfect idea for a horror film if one wants to watch it in the month of Halloween. It gives Halloween feel and increases the chances of enjoying the movie. This one’s name is 32 Malasana Street, a fine piece of dark fiction. The best and scariest thing to know about the film I that it is taken from real events. In simple words, the movies are based on true paranormal encounters. The movie is going to be launched on Shudder on October 22. 


If people cannot wait for the upcoming Halloween movies and series, they should start watching October’s very first Horror series Monsterland, to take Halloween feels. The show was launched on October 2 on the Hulu streaming platform. Its story justified its genre and concept. The actors who worked in the season proved to be worthy of the show. As for viewers, they only need to watch it to feel the chills at night. 

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting

If anyone is too scared to watch super scary movies, they can jump to a less scary yet enjoyable movie A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting. The movie is best for kids to watch on a fine Halloween night since it is based on a kid who comes across animated monsters. His babysitter guides him regarding monster hunting.  The movie will be released on October 14. 

For many, films are an important part of their daily routine. Plenty of people prefer watching horror fiction as their minds indulge in exploring and solving gothic mysteries. Consequently, several movies are going to make the month of October better for such movie and season lovers.

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