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Top 5 New Hollywood Movies to Watch This Chirstmas

Here begins the season of festivities, fun, parties, holidays and rest from the boring routine as Christmas is just approaching. Folks who are looking forward to their holidays just to relax their minds by sitting in the comfort of their places must watch some new Hollywood movies. They should go for an entertaining stuff that helps them recharge their batteries and motivates them for the days to come.

New Hollywood Movies to Watch Holiday Season

Here is our pick of some worth watching cinematic creations which are not necessarily one of the highest grossing Hollywood movies but equally inspiring.

Lady Bird

The film which should be better dubbed as bitter sweet reality of a teen’s life is for everyone. Even those who are in their 20s and feel stuck can relate to Greta Gerwig. The protagonist falls in love with a guy from school and becomes emotionally involved only to find out that guy was cheating on her. Hence, begins Lady Bird’s journey to explore life. Watching this film on Christmas will let you realize again that whatever is happening to you is just a part of life.


The Shape of Water

Are you tired of being deceived by people and want to explore your love in nature. Then here is a brilliant story of a lonely woman who explores the love of her life in a mysterious sea creature. The best part of the story is that it compels people to look for motivation form the objects and organisms we deal on daily basis. It just gives an insight into how to become more lively by taking inspiration from those we come into contact on daily basis. No wonder that film led the Oscar race with 13 nominations.


Ant Man and the Wasp

Here is something for those who are fascinated to superheros. The Ant Man and the Wasp is one of the new Hollywood movies for the fans of Stan Lee- creator of the famous Marvel Superheroes, who recently passed away. The film casts Paul Rudd who plays the size altering and ant riding superhero, and Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp. Film’s plot seems like those bedtime stories that grannies tell their grand children. The best thing about Ant Man is that it doesn’t seems an imposition of too many superhero characters and keeps that human factor alive.


First Man

This film is something capable of occupying your mind for days to come. After watching the First Man you will end up wanting more. It is all about first American astronaut Neil Armstrong and it is more than inspiring. The story plot is centered upon the struggle of First Man on moon. Film’s cast include Ryan Gosling, Jan Bernthal and Claire Foy.


A Star is Born

It is simply about love life and career of a popular musician and struggling singer. Bradley Cooper who is also director plays Jackson Maine and Lady Gaga plays Ally in what seems to be a description of rise and fall followed by shift in desires. A musician struggling with his alcoholism steps forward to help a budding singer and duo then falls in love with each other. Watching this film is taking ride through roller coaster or emotions.


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