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New Hulu Series Monsterland Is Going to Make Your Skin Crawl

Monsterland is the new Hulu series, filled with terrors. Even the trailer gives the creeps due to the revelation of certain aspects of the show. It might be one of the best horror shows produced by Hulu. Recently, the Monsterland trailer successfully inspired viewers to watch the creepiest show of all time. The trailer revealed some horrifying scenes along with the main characters of the show. 

Lately, Hulu has been producing some of the good gothic shows and movies. For instance, the latest movie Helstrom was also a remarkable piece of the horror tale. Now, it has produced a whole show based on scary supernatural beings. 

Things To Know About New Hulu Series Monsterland

Monsterland is an eight-episode anthology that means the season has only eight episodes. It seems like the show comprises of a thrilling story. The main characters deal with different supernatural entities including monsters, demons, mermaids, and even angels. One of the significant aspects of the show is its association with Nathan Ballingrud. 

The show is an idea grasped from North American Lake Monsterland’s story collection by Nathan Ballingrud. Nathan is a great story writer whose expertise falls under the category of dark fantasy or horror fiction. His stories are usually a good way to understand the darkest imagination of a person. 

Since the show is based on American lake monsters, which makes it somewhat obvious to embed horrors into the viewers’ minds. As per different views, the show is a masterpiece due to its alliance with Mr. Ballingurd’s stories. 

Unexpected Cast and Crew

Some essential ingredients do justice with the storyline of a show. Most of the time, such ingredients are the actors of the show. These artists make the show what it is supposed to be. In Monsterland, the cast includes some of the finest actors of television. 

The main characters of the show, which made it a marvelous piece of dark fiction, are Kaitlyn Dever, Jonathan Tucker, and Charlie Tahan.

The other special appearances are Mike Colter. Kelly Marie Tran, Taylor Schilling. Nicole Beharie, Adepero Oduye, Roberta Colindrez, and Hamish Linklater. 

Kat Landsberg, the producers of several good movies like Nerdland and Conan o Brien can’t stop, produced the new Hulu series Monsterland. She is known for her contributions as a producer in many different shows. One of those series is a well-known show Scream. Moreover, Two & Two Port Orchard Productions is the production company that turned out to be the source of Monsterland’s existence.  

What Is So Special about Hulu’s Monsterland

Every good story has a great mind behind its existence; we call it a writer. The writers make the story worth it, as it takes a lot of brainstorming to generate brilliant ideas. The New Hulu series Monsterland is also a success because of the brilliant minds that worked hard to give it a scary look.

There is a slight twist: Four different minds are behind the creation of such a great and creepy script. Merry laws wrote four episodes of the show, Scott Kosar the writer of Machinist wrote 1 episode, Wesley Strick who is known for his comic horror genre, contributed his writing in one episode, and lastly Emily Kaczmarek gave the script of two episodes for Monsterland. 

Besides, unlike many shows and movies, eight different directors helped in making the show. The renowned names of the directors are:  

Anne Sewitsky, Kevin Phillips, Craig William Macneill, Eagle Egilsson, Logan Kibens, Nicolas Pesce, Desiree Akhavan, Babak Anvari. 

The biggest suggestion is one should not watch the show alone as it tends to give the nightmares for watching it. 

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