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Celebrities Will Meet on Zoom in New Netflix Social Series Happier Hour

Netflix announced to air a new social series named Happier Hour which will feature new stars every week. It is named after Zoom Happy Hour which is a fancy name for several people meeting each other in a video conference. This trend picked up pace during the global pandemic where many people used Zoom Happy Hour to either attend online class, work from home, or just play, sing and dance.

Netflix carried that idea forward and made an episodic show which will be called Happier Hour. Celebrities will join each other in a video call to entertain the public. It will be aired every Thursday on the YouTube Channel of Netflix.

Celebrities who will Be In Zoom Happier Hour

Celebrities who appear in films, shows, and series of Netflix will be featured in the video conference show. From the trailer it can be seen that Hassan Minhaj, Lisa Kudrow, and Kumail Nanjiani will also play the part.

It is possible that other beloved stars from House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, The Crown, And Stranger Things would also appear in later episodes.

Security Issues on Zoom

Zoom faced a lot of criticism for its weak security protocols which can be broken by amateur hackers. Students also had to deal with unwanted intrusion by trolls while struggling with basic problems of online classes. This practice for hacking the private video session became so common that zoom bombing became an official phrase.

However, according to a blog by Zoom, their latest update improved on the End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) that decreased the chances of zoom bombing. Previously, Zoom was sued for these security issues.

Are Celebrities Safe In Happy Hour Meeting?

Despite the strong security protocols there still can be a chance of intrusion while filming. During July 2020, Zoom will run an early beta version of E2EE function. This period can be critical for filming the show on Zoom with popular celebrities.

When someone hacks the video conference on Zoom, they gain the power to send messages, add or remove members, share screens, or switch calls. The companies claimed that all these issues are fixed but the logical approach would have been avoiding the systems that have caused problems before.

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