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New Netflix Short Clips Feature Makes It another TikTok

Netflix which is one of the most popular streaming platforms is seemingly taking inspiration from Tiktok, The latest Netflix short clips feature is specifically introduced to attract children. The update in the features is named “Kids Clips” which will be regulated in multiple countries including the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and some Latin American countries in a few days this week. However, the limitations propose that for now, only iOS apps will accommodate the latest feature.

What Makes Netflix Short Clips Feature Similar to Tiktok?

The one thing that makes the platform nearly the same is its small videos that kids can easily watch. The youngsters will be able to scroll the Netflix library for the short videos of movies and TV shows especially added for the kids on Netflix. Apparently, the streaming platform is offering children to explore their preferences by enjoying chunks of movies and series. It will be similar to the short-duration previews. Tiktok does the same as it provides a wide range of videos that viewers can watch.

Factors Distinguishing Short Clips from Tiktok Videos

The resemblance of Netflix’s short clips feature with Tiktok is uncanny but certain differences distinguish it from the video syncing app. The OTT site doesn’t allow kids to watch too many videos in a row. It has put a limitation of 10-20 videos only. Whereas Tiktok offers a whole sea of unlimited clips to its viewers. Besides, the format of the clips is a bit different as it doesn’t allow to make any videos and kids can only go through certain previews to identify their interest in a particular genre.

Why is Netflix Progressing with The Kids Clips Feature?

Reportedly, the reason for introducing “the kids’ clips” isn’t just because of the influence of Tiktok on other platforms. The competition among streaming platforms is high nowadays due to closed cinemas and outdoor movie places in the duplicity of regions. People with an interest in visual entertainment are now relying on OTT platforms. HBO Max, amazon prime, and Disney plus are among the top competitors. Also, involving kids by providing them an option to scroll and watch Netflix short clips will increase the platform’s viewership and subscriptions. Netflix has been progressing towards advancements by targeting younger audiences. For instance, it recently added another feature i.e.,  Netflix games that users can play. Also, the platform has been focusing on introducing Netflix’s original tv shows and movies. The latest was The House of Secrets that was based on Burari deaths.

Other than that, the adaptation of Tiktok features seems more like a necessity for not only Netflix but other social media platforms as well. For instance, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat have also observed and adapted a few Tiktok features. The most prominent one is the “Reels” that makes users create and share videos.

Even YouTube’s most-watched video with 7 billion views is Baby Shark; a popular nursery rhyme. This explains how important it is for streaming platforms to target the kids for increasing viewership.

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