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Nokia 3310 Is Out Check What It Has Got to Offer

HMD has come up with a newly designed Nokia 3310. The new Nokia 3310 is a lot more compact, with a neater design. The old 3310 would beat a lot of phones in talk time and standby time.

The new phone has a talk time of 22 hours and battery standby time of one month. And if you thought Nokia did not know about your love for the Snake game, they have that covered in the new Nokia phone.

Colors & Notable Specs of New Nokia 3310

New Nokia 3310 Colors

The new phone comes in several shades of bright red, yellow, and matte blue or gray. And we thought it had a screen of just 1.5 inches. This new phone has a screen size of 2.4 inches, with a Bluetooth 3.0 and FM Radio. You can also benefit from some of the other useful additions like LED torch, microSD for up to 32GB, and a 2-megapixel camera. Only heaven knows from where those rumors of a 22.6 MP came.

The internet connectivity is ensured with a 2.5g connection so you can browse the web on an upgraded Nokia 3310. The avid social media users can use the phone to get online and update their social media accounts. And it is also priced at a lot less €49. The revised 3310 is lighter than the original version. The original phone weighed at 133 grams, and the new edition weighs around 79 grams.

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Company Behind Launch of Nokia 3310

HMD is the company behind the new phone. The company is pretty serious about the Nokia business as it has acquired a 10-years license for using the Nokia brand. HMD is already selling several simpler phones in developing markets. However, it plans to sell the new 3310 globally.

Other Phones To Be Launched by HMD

HMD, the company behind the launch, understands the level of competition within the smartphone market. Therefore, it is launching three new smartphones to ensure it covers all market segments at different price levels.

Nokia 3

New Nokia 3

The new Nokia 3 will have a 5-inch screen with an aluminum and polycarbonate body. Nokia 3 comes with an 8-megapixel camera and 720p display. The phone is estimated to cost around $150.

Nokia 5

New Nokia 5

Nokia 5 is an all-aluminum body smartphone. Nokia 5 will feature a 5.2-inch display, a 13-megapixel camera, and running on upgraded Snapdragon 430 processor.

Nokia 6

Nokia 6

Nokia 6 is expected to be a top of the range phone. The new Nokia 6 offers a 5.5-inch display, 16-megapixal camera, and currently available in China at $315.

All the above mentioned Nokia phones run on Android Nougat

Is It Too Late for New Nokia Smartphones?

Well, it is not easy to get back the lost glory of Nokia brand. Nokia once enjoyed a unique position within the telecom industry. The new smartphones are targeted to give a good all-around performance. The likes of Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, LENOVO, and LG are already giving giants like Samsung run for their money. And only time will tell if Nokia’s smartphones stage a successful comeback after all these years.

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