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This New Oscars Category Might Help End Discrimination Against Films

Now the publicly favorite movies will also get a chance to win academy award due to a new Oscars category. It is more likely that fans may see their favorite superhero movies winning an Oscar in the next awards ceremony.

Oscars Category for Popular Movies

According to the new changes, that Academy’s board of governors approved movies with fewer votes from critics but more popular among the public will be now able to win Oscars. Therefore, superhero films and their actors who usually get neglected by the critics will get a chance to win the prestigious awards from their popularity among the public.

The academy is yet to announce the eligibility criteria for films to qualify for the new Oscars category, reported BBC.

A Good Omen for Movies with More Fan Following

It is pertinent to mention that movies with more fan following not always get a chance to win Oscars. These include films like Avatar, Mama Mia and several superhero and sci-fi films that have immense popularity among the public. Now, the movie like Black Panther which is one of the six highest-grossing films of 2018 so far has a chance to win the academy award.

Promoting Diversity Through Oscars

Academy awards that usually take place during the first month of every year typically have 24 categories that merit the actors, films and technical crew on the sets by votes. The prestigious awards which are famous worldwide have somehow managed to get the status of the standard. The voting membership of the Oscars’ governing body decides the winners through voting. Almost 8000 members who vote for the winners who succeeded in making the excellent cinematic achievements belong to the diverse ethnic backgrounds. In this way, these awards also take the credit of promoting diversity.

Further, every year artists from minority ethnic and religious backgrounds make headlines for winning Oscars. This year Stand up comedian Kumail Nanjiani got media attention after his film Big Sick received the nomination for the best original screenplay. Earlier, it was Mahershala Ali who became the first Muslim to win an Oscar for the role of the best supporting actor in drama film Moonlight.

An Impact of New Category

The new Oscars category might not have much to do with promoting diversity, but it will indeed give the dynamic films a chance to make it big not only on box office but also regarding awarding some substantial appreciation in the form of awards. The fans will get to know more about the new category after the committee unfolds eligibility criterion.

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