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Are Drones in New PUBG Mobile Update Really Worth It?

In December 2019, Tencent announced a future update named Cold Front Survival for PUBG that will feature drones. According reports, the update will be officially released on 16th April. At first the feature was added in Chinese version of the game but it was not well received by the players. Now Tencent hopes to improve in the global version of the game along with many other features.

With so many bugs and glitches still present in the game, one may wonder why there is such rush to release another update that too has so much to offer like drones, survival mechanics, and snowstorms. It takes a lot of energy to render these elements, so does Tencent believe their product is strong enough? Quite opposite, The players have expressed their disappointment on the launch of every update including this one.

Each PUBG Mobile Update Is Another Feature Instead of Fixing of Issues

The game has been receiving some crazy additions for the past few months. First there were zombies and an action pack vehicular combat like Death Race but the issue of terrible mechanics stayed the same.

Then there was a cool Payload mode that brought rocket launchers and helicopters into the mix but devs still could not fix faulty servers. Now developers decide to add more challenges in the new PUBG Mobile update.

If this update also fails to fix the issues raised by gamers then there is a strong chance that PUBG will lose its player-base. It is not ethical for the developer to keep posting new updates while the optimization issue of the game is still persistent. For some people PUBG stops working properly after updating on a slightly older handset.

The New Features of Cold Survival Update

It is marketed as a survival mode that may involve gathering resources in a harsh environment. From the promotional material, it looks like the new mode will take place in a new and improved Vikendi. This is the reason why servers of Vikendi were offline – due to maintenance.

Surviving is also not possible without stopping other players from gathering the desired resources. And by stopping it definitely means killing people by the weapons scattered all over the map. Due this ability, video games often get blamed for all the mass shootings happening around the world.

Players React To The Announcement Of New Update

However there are plenty of players who have shared their thoughts on the looks of the upcoming PUBG Mobile update. Many veteren players were not so excited when the first drone gameplay footage was ousted from the Chinese version.

The survival mechanics and natural disasters like avalanche and snowstorm are perhaps added to provide that excitement. It will surely be different from the mode in Chinese version but it does not stop people from making fun of it.

Some people think that this will prove to be a lousy tactic for fraidy-cats, who hide around and snipe people from afar.

When the going gets tough, people adopt various cheeky methods to win the competition such as aimbots. These illegal softwares help people to easily take out opponents without manually aiming at the target. Using such softwares can lead to serious penalties in the real world.

Developers Claim That Most Of The Issues Will Be Solved With This Update

People created a lot of nuisance for the developers when Vikendi went offline. It was the most beloved map of most gamers, especially the live streamers on YouTube. Therefore, it is quite uncertain how players would react to the changes in their favourite map of the game. They could be satisfied with this effort of Tencent or else another outcry is under way.

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