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People Are Going Crazy Over The New Sonic Trailer

The second revised Sonic Trailer is out, and people can’t get enough of it.

Fans Reaction To New Sonic Trailer

After getting bashed and trolled by gamers and fans, Paramount hired a completely different team of graphic experts to completely redesign Sonics looks for the new sonic trailer, and thanks God it paid off big time. Paramount Pictures, after making the changes to everyone’s loved gaming character, they redesigned the trailer.

Normally what happens is that the second trailer is much more consisted and gives out much less information as compared to the first one, but this wasn’t the case this time.

Favorite Scenes

There are plenty of new scenes that have become an instant fan favorite. Especially this one in which the villain played by the master of comedy himself, Jim Carry asks for the whereabouts of the famous Sega character but in return, gets nothing.

Now for those of us who have grown up playing the game know that our fuzzy character needs golden rings to protect himself from getting harmed as soon as his rings hit zero, he dies. When the character has no rings, he looks like the sonic from the old trailer, but when he has a ring or rings, he looks like the sonic from the new trailer.

Some Had This To Say

The movie features the return of veteran comedic actor Jim carry after a long time. For some, it makes no difference what movie it is all they care about is whether or not Jim Carry is in the movie as they have the Carry fever.

Where few fans are expressing joy over the new trailer, others are shouting just another PR stunt. The Sega character was meant to look exactly the way he did in the second one so just relax people.

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