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Australia’s New South Wales is in State of Emergency As Fires Rage On

For the second time in the past two month Australia has been forced to declare a state of emergency as heat waves fan the worst fires in New South Wales.

Inferno Rages through New South Wales Forcing A State Of Emergency

Bush fires are not an uncommon phenomena in Australia’s New South Wales but over the recent years due to climate change they have become more frequent and dangerous. Just two months ago a state of emergency was declared in whole of Australia due to intense bush fire.

The smoke and debris that resulted from these fires became an environmental hazard. Thick smoke covered the sky over making it difficult for locals to breath. The ash produced by the fire over time started appearing on the beaches of the country.

Firefighters Are On Standby

Once again bush fires have rage through the outback with flames burning 10 meters high. About 2000 fire fighter have been deployed and an additional 500 are on standby. In areas like Balmoral which is located in the suburbs of Sydney majority of the population has evacuated to escape the raging inferno.                             

News of property damage has come forth but no loss of life has yet been reported. Firefighters who have been stationed there have put themselves in harm’s way to protect and insure no harm come to local property.

Bad News For Holidaymakers

The raging fires could not have come at worse time when everybody is getting ready to celebrate Christmas. A government spokesperson in press briefing warned holiday makers to stay vigilant of their surroundings as bushfires have proven to be of an unpredictable nature.

The spokesperson also informed the public to expect delays and road closures which may hamper or affect holiday plans. People with serious breathing problems are being advised to say inside or relocate to some place safe.

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