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How Many New Twitter Updates Are Coming in 2021?

New Twitter updates are likely to change the way users interact on the microblogging website. Twitter has been adding a range of new features to its arsenal for the past few months like voice tweets, Spaces, paid subscription service Twitter Blue, and advertisements in Fleets. Such changes are exciting for different types of users and radically change social media strategy for businesses.

Twitter may have been planning some new mechanics but it is also letting go of some of the previous ones too. After shutting down the Periscope app in March, the tech giant has also announced to discontinue the Instagram-inspired Fleets. Here is the list of big changes that Twitter is going through in 2021.

New Twitter Updates Do Not Include Fleets

Twitter will be removing Fleets within a year of its launch due to low usage, as the company said. The disappearing tweet service will shut down on 3rd August and the platform will present new ways for users to engage.

The company hoped that those who joined less in conversations probably because of pressure, would do more by sharing fleeting thoughts but it wasn’t the case. The giant found out itself that its users who were already active the most were using this feature. Additionally, it had stability issues which did not make it much popular among Twitter users. So, the tech giant is both; sorry and happy for its users.

Twitter introduced this feature last year in November to compete with the Story feature of Instagram or Snapchat. It allowed users to post content that would vanishes after one day.

Captions for Voice Tweets

Twitter faced a lot of criticism for launching voice tweets without the ability to add captions. After new Twitter updates, it would be possible to make closed captions appear on the voice tweet window. The bird app gave an idea of how it would look like.

According to reports, captions will be automatically generated in supported languages i.e., English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian. To see the subtitles, users would have to click/tap the CC icon appearing on the top-right corner of the post. However, it would be accessible with new voice tweets only, old ones cannot be edited.

Some iPhone users have already got this feature in the Twitter app.

New ‘Change Who Can Reply’ Settings

There have been a lot of controversies regarding Twitter usage that led social media users to demand higher privacy. As a part of Twitter’s campaign for making users feel safe and secure, it has upgraded the settings related to who can reply under a tweet. Previously users were only able to change their preference on who can reply before posting the tweet. Now with new Twitter updates, they can do that even after the tweet is published.

It is a smart addition to enable users to restrict conversation and only receive replies from those they want. It can also serve as a protection against haters and trolls, who do not have anything important to add to the discussion.

Users would be able to find an option to change reply settings under the three-dot drop-down menu on each tweet.

Can Users Finally Edit Tweets Now?

Edit Tweet feature is also included in new Twitter updates but only for the subscribers of Twitter Blue. It started the paid service in June in Australia and Canada which will be available globally by the end of 2021.

The 2.99 USD monthly service initially included features like Reader Mode, Bookmark folders, and Undo Tweet option. However, the option to undo the tweet was only viable for 30 seconds after which the tweet became permanent. It was still not as effective as editing the specific errors in the tweet.

Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour posted a question on Twitter to extract public opinions about the new plan.

Well, the subscribers of Twitter Blue were somewhat happy but the average social media users kept on trolling the giant. Many felt that it was not smart to pay 3 dollars a month for an option to edit tweets as they were not concerned with other offers of this paid service.

New Timeline Layout

A change that received some appreciation was related to the entire layout of the Twitter timeline. A feature that got everyone’s attention was the new image format that resembled a lot like Facebook’s. After new Twitter updates, the images on the timeline would use maximum horizontal space to appear completely. Currently, the images are hidden behind a rounded border that makes only the middle part visible until the users, click/tap on the image to view it in Fullscreen. The new update will save the effort of opening every tweet just to view the photos.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who is famous for revealing accurate details about the upcoming technology, shared some images of how the layout was going to be. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey replied under her tweet that the new look was much better than before.

New Twitter updates seem intriguing but it is yet to be seen if they will get the same criticism as Fleets or not.

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