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All You Need to Know About New York Fashion Week

Spring is approaching and so the fashion festivals in New York, London, Milan, Paris and other cities of the world. The famous New York Fashion Week (NFW) kick-started on Thursday, February 8 and will last till next Thursday, February 8.

Fashion, arts, and entertainment are a reflection of the socio-political and cultural arena of time. In 2018, all the major events including Golden Globes Awards and Grammys 2018 highlighted the different social issues. Now, the people are expecting if New York Fashion Week will feature a MeToo theme or not.

Let’s have a look at how different events might shape the New York Fashion Week.

Cryptocurrency Customized Wears at NFW

Cryptocurrencies are a talk of the town from last two years. It was unlikely for the subject to not make its way to the fashion arena. In New York Fashion Week, the Belgian designers’ dresses caught the attention for being around the crypto theme. According to different opinions, time breaks during different shows allowed the men to talk about the decline in value of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In this scenario, Belgian Designer Raf Simons’ dresses got attention for presumably being around the crypto themes. His dresses featured patches with three-lettered acronyms like XTC and GHB. As per a Financial Times opinion, XTC was only one letter off from Bitcoin code BTC.

NY Fashion WeekMeToo at New York Fashion Week

There is a strong tradition of using fashion to convey a message on social issues, even in developing countries like Pakistan. Last year bridal couture week in Pakistan featured a child bride on in a fashion show to raise the voice on the subject of child marriages. It is expected that MeToo campaign that started after the sexual harassment controversy of Harvey Weinstein would also reverberate in the New York Fashion Week.

Interestingly, the New York Fashion Week will see the comeback of Marchesa, a clothing brand by the Georgina Chapman, the wife of the Produce Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of sexual harassment.

Impact of New York Fashion Week

On the eve of New York Fashion Week, the downtown Manhattan turns into a hub of fashionistas. The event inevitably shapes the way people’s wardrobes appear in rest of the year. But also allows the folks to dress up in the best attires, boost their self-defining styles and roam the town to explore what makes for the good looks. As far as the question of which social events influenced the fashion this year, will get its answer after the NFW is over.


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