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New York Power Grid Failure Leaves Brooklyn Powerless

It seems New Yorkers need to become accustomed to power outages. Just a few weeks back, New York suffered from a power outage that left a major portion of Manhattan powerless. To prevent another power outage, Con Edison shut down the power grid in Brooklyn for repairs and maintenance.

Power Grid Down for Repairs

Citing previous power outages Con Edison shut down Brooklyn’s power grid for repairs and maintenance to prevent another massive power outage that may cause more stress and problems. Approximately 53,000 customers were left powerless. By 5 am Monday morning this number was brought down to 20,000

Mayor Bill de Blasio, in a statement to the media, stated that New York City emergency management was assisting emergency services and other health care professional across Brooklyn and Queens. The company would start bringing back 500 people at a time by midnight, he added.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo while talking to the media, told that 200 state troopers, 100 generator and 20 light towers along state office management and command vehicles had been deployed.

There Was No Excuse for Power Grid Failure

This was not a natural disaster, but most probably an equipment failure for which there was no excuse.

“We have been in this situation before so the con Ed should have taken appropriate steps to prevent this from happening again”, said Andrew. He further requested the state investigation department to expand its investigation and find out the causes behind the Manhattan and Brooklyn power outage.

Additional light towers were being set up. The Red Cross opened a temporary shelter in Marine Park.

Reaction to New York Power Grid Failure

A result of the power outage the signals on the roads were left powerless forcing people to navigate the road instinctually hence increasing the chances of accidents.


There was also the emergence of the theory of a possible cyberattack on the city.

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