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New Zee5 Series Mrs & Mr Shameem Talks about Life of Effeminate Man

An upcoming new zee5 series, Mrs. & Mr Shameem depicts the married life of an effeminate man. The series is a project by Director, Kashif Nisar who is popular for dramas like Dumpukht, Aatish E Ishq, and O Rangreza. It is written by the writer Sajjad Gul. The trailer of the show is already out giving a glimpse into the plot. The star cast is about two main characters, Umaina and Shameem played by Saba Qamar and Nouman Ijaz. Both protagonists have also shared views about their roles in the series on several platforms.

What is New Zee5 Series Mrs. & Mr. Shameem All About?

The trailer of the new zee5 series reveals much about the plot of the show that is based on friendship, love, marriage, and roles of men and women in society. The series apparently shows what happens when a particular gender fails to play a role appropriated by society. Shameem, the character of Nouman Ijaz is an unusual person depicting effeminate traits. Umaina on the other hand is a strong and confident woman who has a special friendship bond with Shameem. The story goes on with certain twists including the love triangles and failed marriage of Qamar with another man who abuses her. Nouman and Saba get married in the drama and raise a child who faces difficulty in accepting his father’s feminine side.

According to the trailer, the show is pointing towards the beliefs and behaviour of people towards Shameem. It appears that Mrs. & Mr Shameem is trying to break the stereotypes of a patriarchal society that expects individuals to behave according to the pre-set gender norms.

Release Date and Structure

The first season of Mrs. & Mr. Shameem is going to be released on March 11 on Zee5. This is not the first-ever Pakistan based show to release on an Indian OTT. The shows like Zee5 web series Churails also made headlines for similar reasons. The structure of the show is based on 20 episodes of 35 minutes each, reportedly.

Saba Qamar and Nouman Ijaz’s Views About Their Characters

Both stars have talked about their roles and experiences of working in the new Zee5 series, Mrs. & Mr Shameem. Saba Qamar shared about the traits of Umaina that she was a fearless person, a wild child who was not afraid to express what she felts. Qamar mentioned that it was challenging as well as exciting since it was an entirely different one than her previous roles. She also suggested that it was time that both genders made decisions for themselves in terms of choosing the right paths for them. In other words, they should not always be bound by the rules imposed on them.

Nouman Ijaz also said a similar thing about his character, Shameem that for the first time he played a character like that. According to the actor, Shameem was not someone typical as many films and dramas portray. He was a caring, soft-hearted hero and someone like what an ideal man of the house should be like.   

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