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News Anchors Who Announced Death of Loved Ones on TV

News anchors perform a very strict duty. While reading out the news on TV or Radio, they have to maintain rigid facial and vocal expressions. They have to make sure that they are not too much overwhelmed by the emotions or feelings to convey the news professionally.

The task that might not seem much tricky becomes almost impossible to perform when there is a news related to the loved ones of the announcers. Recently, two news anchors set a precedent of professionalism while announcing the death of their close relatives.

Yemeni News Anchor Announcing the Brother’s Death

One of these news anchors is the Yemeni journalist, Mohamed al- Dhbyani, who announced the killing of his brother by the Houthi militia. He later shared the video of news on social media, which showed him trying hard to hold back his tears and hide the emotions while performing his duty.

According to reports, Houthis had kidnapped the Dhbyani’s brother Amin al- Dhbyani. They captured him for being the relative of a journalist who openly speaks against the Houthi Militia. According to al-Arabiya, Mohamed al-Dhbyani, 32 years old Yemeni anchor had to escape the Sanaa, after Houthis Militia stormed the capital. Earlier, Mohamed lost another brother who was reportedly defending against the Houthis.

Indian Anchors Reading out the News of Her Husband’s Death

In April 2017, an Indian woman proved how news anchors need to maintain exposure. The newscaster from Chhattisgarh, a central Indian state, found out about the death of her husband while reporting about a car crash.

The senior news reporter Supreet Kaur while announcing about the details of vehicles and location of an accident between an SUV and truck suspected her husband to be the victim. She didn’t leave her job midway to know the truth and carried on. After accomplishing her duty, she knew that her suspicion was right as her husband was no more. International media lauded the Supreet’s professionalism by telling the incident to the world. It may seem that news anchors are always well paid, a few of them like Katie Couric from Yahoo, used to earn up to $10 million. But, above mentioned stories prove that nothing comes so easy.

The Tough Job of News Anchors

News Anchors have to stay composed while announcing every type of news. Such requirement is not exclusive for some bad news. It doesn’t matter whether they are reading out a deadly explosion or something about their favorite team winning a grand tournament; in most of the news bulletin formats, announcers have to suffocate their emotions. And we have to admit that such control of feeling is inevitably tricky when it related to them very personally.

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