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Useless Media News About Harry and Meghan Wedding

It is impossible for us to scroll down our social media newsfeeds or switch the news channels without coming across anything related to Harry and Meghan wedding. And, news channels are reporting the royal wedding to make sure that public doesn’t miss even a bit of detail about who lifted his/her eyebrow at which occasion and why. Reporting a grand event of the royal family indeed makes sense as the people might be interested in knowing what traditions they follow at a royal wedding.

But the question is whether every single thing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding is worth knowing and deserves the precious time of ordinary people. Or, the ordinary people don’t have anything like precious time and all that matters to them is to know what the elite is up to.

How News about Harry and Meghan Wedding Are Useless

TV channels, websites, and tabloids have created too much and useless news out of this event that they have made it exhaustive. The media hype around the upcoming ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding has indeed become a way for corporates and brands to make money.

One such example of brands marketing their business by exploiting the hype around royal wedding is a hotel chain which offered a free luxury wedding for every Harry and Meghan couple.

News that Might be Nothing More than A Waste of Time

Now, let’s have a look at the news that might be nothing more than a waste of time for an ordinary user.

Meghan Markle Dress Price

According to media reports, Meghan Markle’s dress cost is likely to be more than thrice an average American’s salary. If we justify giving coverage to this news by saying that people might be interested in knowing how much costly the dress of a 21st-century royal bride can be, then the question is what impact it makes in the life of the public. At most, people will start fantasizing about being a royal and donning a gown which is costly enough to pay the university fee of some student.

Or, if we say that public must know how different social classes celebrate their weddings and how much money they spend on their celebration, then why only royals who represent the elite and rich class should only get such coverage, why not the member of other lower classes should have the same privilege. Or is it because that brands can’t trust the common people as their ambassadors.

About Bride’s Maid and Page Boy

Soon the news about the Harry and Meghan wedding broke out, the media started anticipating who would be the bride’s maid and maid of honor and who would be the page boys? What is the purpose of making a news out of it? Those interested enough will get to know when they will see the ceremony through channels. Or, maybe there was some plan to ask the common men and women to apply for being bridesmaid and pageboy, and media forgot to tell it.

For those who disagree with the uselessness of this news and still want to know who is the bridesmaid and pageboy, then their wait is over. As the couple has reportedly chosen 5-7 years old royal children as companions on their special day.

The hype around Meghan Markle and Family

A potential Meghan and Harry wedding, was indeed a news because people were surprised to know that a divorced non-white American could make it to the royal family. A hype was created since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement But, what followed later was even more surprising; and media reported it the way as if it wants Prince Harry and Royal family to reconsider its decision. Earlier it was stated that Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle and his mother Doria Ragland will attend the wedding and walk the aisle with their daughter. But, then surfaced Meghan’s father pictures with Paparazzi and his step brother’s letter to Prince Harry that was published in a gossip website In Touch Weekly.

From here began an endless stream of news about a potential mismatch between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s family.

And, this is not the all, media thinks that everyone should know about the list of guests at Harry and Markle wedding, the wedding cake, the photographer, the brand of the dress and all that stuff.

Why such hype around Harry and Meghan Wedding?

All that hype around such events is mainly for three reasons.

  1. There is a real public interest (which doesn’t seem so true for this case, as it is not FIFA World cup)
  2. There is a corporate interest (which seems true as brands and businesses need a hype to cash on)
  3. And, there is something that media needs to hide from the eyes of the public (Well, think on it, what can be another important news, for which Harry and Meghan wedding is proving a distraction).
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