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News of Pakistan Hosting Champions Trophy 2025 Gets Mixed Response

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on Tuesday that different countries will host big sports events in the coming years. As per the announcement, Pakistan will host the Champions Trophy 2025, which is great news for Pak cricket fans who are eager to see some action in the cricket fields of the country. Since 1996, Pakistan has been inactive in hosting any ICC events due to several reasons. In 2009, the country couldn’t host the Champions Trophy since Australia, New Zealand, and England refused to come due to security reasons after the Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked in Lahore a few months earlier. However, 2025 is going to be historic for Pakistan as the country will host a major sporting event after decades.

Champions Trophy 2025 to Bring International Cricket Back in Pakistan

There are some really surprising names in the list of countries that will host some upcoming cricket events at the international level. As Pakistan has been announced to be the host nation for ICC Champions Trophy 2021, the United States along with West Indies will be hosting T20 World Cup 2024.  While fans are wondering why a nation that has nothing to do with cricket is hosting a major event, they are also excited to hear that Pakistan will be the venue for Champions Trophy 2025.

As per popular opinions, the reason for ICC considering Pakistan as a host country for Champions Trophy could be the recent performance of the cricket team in the T20 World Cup. Green shirts not only reached the semi-final of the tournament after remaining unbeaten for five games, but they also beat India for the first time in a world cup.

Such a big achievement has not only boosted the morale of the team and the fans but has also cemented Pakistan’s position as one of the top nations which are the hub of cricket.

PCB Chairman Says Pakistan Gaining Reputation Due to Championship Trophy 2025

Ramiz Raja, the chairperson of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) expressed that he was so glad to acknowledge that ICC has chosen the country to entertain the international players and countries for the greatest cricket league. It is a great gesture by International Cricket Council that it allocated the major tournament to Pakistan after expressing faith in the team and its management. Raja said that the T20 world cup was a great event that resulted in unifying the entire nation. Keeping the nation’s support and excitement in view, the ICC championship trophy 2025 will be another big opportunity to strengthen the bond in order to defend the title. 

How Pakistanis are responding to This News?

As expected, fans seem to be excited at the prospect of seeing some international cricket active in the home ground. Pakistanis and even some international cricket folks are congratulating the nation.

Dimuth Karunaratne, the Sri Lankan cricketer congratulated Pakistan. For him, it is a piece of big news for the entire nation and those who are deeply in love with cricket.  

Asad Umar, the member of the ruling government party, Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf and the former finance minister of the country admired PCB and its chairperson to bring positive and innovative changes in Pakistani cricket. Also, he mentioned it’s great news that Pakistan will host the ICC champions trophy 2025, which is one of the three major cricket events.

Shoaib Akhtar also felt good to hear that Pakistan is getting a chance to host international events from now on. It’s a great initiative for the country to manage the mega tournaments.

However, people have come up with some concerns as well. A few months, back New Zealand had canceled its cricket tour to Pakistan due to security reasons, just before the start of the match. ICC Champions Trophy 2025 is very far. The 3 years gap is so huge for things to change, particularly for a country like Pakistan which is so vulnerable to a sensitive geopolitical position. So there is ample reason for fans to be happy but not really happy about the latest news.

Is India Going to Play in Pakistan Too?

Although ICC chose Pakistani grounds for international cricket matches in 2025; it is not sure whether arch-rival India will agree to it or not due to some political reasons. In India, the ruling BJP party of Prime Minister Modi is notorious for using the politics of hate against its neighboring countries to exploit the nationalist sentiments and Pakistan is its direct victim. Even if the security situation is satisfactory in the country the political motive of isolating the traditional enemy makes it impossible for India to play cricket in Pakistan.

Even the recent news about Pakistan hosting ICC Champions Trophy has not been received much well in India. According to the statement of Union Sports Minister, Anurag Thakur, the decision to play matches in Pakistan for the Champions trophy 2025 will be based on the situation of security in Pak. He said that only time will decide if Indian players will enter Pakistan or not.

Despite or due to all this political conflict, any sports encounter between India and Pakistan becomes entertainment of another level. The fact is evident from funny India vs Pakistan memes from the first match of T20 World Cup 2020. In any such match, while players try to beat their rival in the field, the fans get engaged in a war of words with each other, opening several other avenues of entertainment.

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