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Neymar Yearly Salary to Reach £40.3 Million

The Brazilian football star, Neymar is expected to achieve the earning of £40.3 Million per year. The move is a world record for any footballer in the history of the game. He will move from his club Barcelona to Paris St-Germain. The star footballer will reach annual earnings of £40.3 Million before taxes.

Neymar Release Amount and Decision to Leave

The French club will have to shell out in full the entire 222 million euros for meeting his release clause. So, for the initial five years, the footballer will cost the company around £400m. The footballer arrived on Wednesday at the training facility with his representative and father. He told Barcelona that he could not continue with the club anymore. The manager of the club then gave him permission not to train and sort his future out.

Barcelona May Seek Investigation into Financial Fair Play

Barcelona has already hinted that if the Paris St-Germain continues with the release amount, it may consider asking for an investigation. This response comes after a threat from President of La Liga, Javier Tebas. The President said that La Liga would take strict action if Europe’s football governing body fails to take appropriate action due to the involvement of such big amount.

Neymar in Comparison with Famous Footballers of the Time

He is the only footballer who earns more from endorsements than his salary earnings through playing contracts. The footballer has the backing of some major brands like Gillette, Nike, Beats by Dre, and Panasonic.

Neymar Yearly Salary to Reach £40.3 MillionHe earns around £16.6m from all these brand endorsements. The annual salary that he takes amounts to £11.3m. However, this new deal will increase his salary above his earnings from the brand endorsements. The new deal will increase the star’s earning levels above the recently married Lionel Messi. He will be earning around £775,477. Whereas, Lionel Messi currently earns around £500,000 per week. Whereas, Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Real Madrid, earns £365,000 a week. Interestingly, Messi does not come second place regarding money after Neymar. Carlos Tevez comes in the second spot with earnings of £615,000 per week.

The Urge to Go Beyond and Reach Full Potential

Neymar knows he can achieve a lot more than what he has already achieved in football. There were eight occasions on which 5 Brazilian footballers won the prestigious FIFA World Player of the Year award. It puts extra pressure on young Brazilian footballers to reach the standards set by previous football legends of their country.

Qatari Ownership Behind PS-Germain

Qatari Sports Investment or QSI owns PS-Germain. QSI is also one arm of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund. It is seen as a political move by a country already locked in a bitter diplomatic spat with its Middle Eastern neighbors. The experts of the game also believe that Qatar sees this transfer as a way to exhibit its passion for football. The country is already set to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Will Barcelona Miss Neymar?

Yes, for sure, Barcelona is going to find a suitable replacement. The trio of Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suarez has scored 250 goals during the last three seasons for their club. Around one-third of all the goals were scored by Neymar. Besides scoring goals for his team, he also creates assists for Messi and Suarez to score more goals.

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