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Nida Yasir Gets Slammed for Allegedly Lying in Her Apology

Nida Yasir invited and interrogated rape victim Marwah’s parents on national television which seemed highly unethical according to the public opinion. People criticized her on social media and demanded to exclude her and her show from media

She faced an enormous level of anger and hatred for asking the insensitive questions from the rape victim’s parents. Later, she apologized to the public and Marwah’s parents through a video. But, even her apology didn’t do well in cooling off the angry citizens. They didn’t stop demanding for her banishment. 

Nida Yasir Apologizing on Interviewing Rape Victim’s Parents

Nida Yaid realized how insensitive it was to ask such questions from the people who have faced so much pain. She admitted her mistake and apologized on Instagram through a video.

In her video message, she mentioned that her precious viewers became mad at her and she never wanted it. She wanted to make amends and that’s why she’s extremely sorry for interrogating Marwah’s parents. Nevertheless, she also gave clarification of her actions. She told that it was the victim’s parents who came to them to ask for help and not the other way around.

She also said that it was because of her show that Marwah’s story was out in the open and therefore, police took an action, otherwise, police were not even willing to consider filing FIR. While concluding, she mentioned that her show gets ratings when there’s some fun activity is involved. Sad and depressed episodes don’t do well for her ratings. She did the episode despite focusing on the ratings.

Was He Telling Lie about Victim’s Parents Approaching Her

Apparently, Nida Yasir mentioned in her video that Marwah’s parents approached her in order to let people know about what happened to their daughter. But, her lie was exposed through a video made by another person. He asked Marwah’s father whether he approached or called Nida to be on her show, and the answer was NO. The video revealed a truth about Nida that she’s a scam and the apology was nothing but fake. She allegedly staged the apology in the disguise of a pathetic lie. She put the blame on the deceased’s parents in order become clear of all the criticism.  

Public’s Anger Growing Stronger

After getting knowing about the apology stunt by Nida, the anger of people was enhanced by the fumes of her lie. They didn’t stop demanding to ban her. Many Individuals criticized her for playing such trick. It is not good to plan a stupidity and then apologize afterwards.  

A user pointed out that it was probably not the first time that Nida Yasir had done such a pathetic thing.

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