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Nida Yasir Faces Anger for Questioning Rape Victim’s Parents

Pakistani morning show host Nida Yasir invited the parents of deceased five year old Marwa who was brutally raped and murdered. She supposedly asked a number of inappropriate questions that weren’t suitable according to the situation. However, the queries resulted in the anger of viewers and they frequently demanded to ban her from media. 

Why did Nida Yasir ask such questions?

As per the accusations and furious comments from the public, Nida inquired about the whole story from the victim’s parents. While Marwah’s father was elaborating on the dreadful incident, she kept on asking unnecessary questions about the girl and the incident. Allegedly, her being mindless at the moment made people angry about her. 

According to social media, Nida invited the victim’s parents and asked those disturbing questions because she wanted to increase her show’s ratings. People noticed her alleged intentions and instantly moved towards the punishment of shunning her from her own show. They also demanded to shut down her show. Nida had no idea how to talk about such a sensitive incident. Marwah’s mother was constantly crying while the conversation was in process. 

Chaos became the fuel to the fire in Nida’s case:

The cases of rape and murders have been constantly increasing day by day in Pakistan. The rape on motorway case was the recent one that presumably awoke and led people towards fighting against the increasing crimes in Pakistan. That’s the reason why people didn’t tolerate such stupidity by Nida Yasir. It was so agonizing for the victim’s mother and yet she kept her idiocy continued in the form of questions. 

Public reactions: 

Many who watched Nida Yasir as a host on her morning show have blamed her for asking inappropriate questions from the parents of a young girl who was raped and murdered. The social media users found it absurd to indulge the poor parents who were already going through a lot. She just added salt to injuries. Therefore, critics demanded to ban the show immediatly.

Social media sensation Waqar Zaka who remains the center of controversies also showed his concern on this issue and urged social media users to take action against Nida Yasir.

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