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Haze Of Light in the California’s Night Sky By SpaceX, Falcon 9

SpaceX has finally launched its Falcon 9 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, situated northwest of Lompoc, California. This is the next amazing successful experiment by the SpaceX and this launch not only impressed the technological world but it was an eye-pleasing incident for the viewers of the California who witnessed the haze of light caused by this rocket in the night sky.


Falcon 9 By SpaceX

The first stage of Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX has successfully landed back to it’s California Launch site after reaching into space with the Argentinian satellite. This was the aim of this experiment and launch done on 7th October to set the satellite SAOCOM 1A in the orbit. SpaceX not only completed this mission but for the first time, it also got a victory in sending the first stage booster back to Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Lompoc, California.


Synthetic Aperture Radar

Previously the launch of Falcon 9 was done in 2016 by SpaceX. This is the second time Falcon 9 rocket has been launched after that.  For Argentina’s space agency this satellite is the first of two and it carries a high-resolution instrument known as Synthetic Aperture Radar. This radar is used for emergency landing and management of the land monitoring.

Reaction Of Public

Those who witnessed this beautiful view shared their concepts and the images over social media regarding this launch and the night sky view.

People were watching this whole event as if they are viewing an alien spaceship roaming in the sky. Then these people shared their views regarding the view with the relevance of their own observing capacity.

All that time people were trying to figure out that whether this is a spaceship of rocket beautifully lightening up the sky of California.


These all views are captured from different angles of California and public was startled to see this rocket creating the prettiest ambiance in the sky. These pictures were not allowed because of the security reasons but still, the view forced people to capture them. Moreover, this successful launch its prints in the sky for several minutes and then the scene ended.

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