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Justice for Dr.Nimrita- Hindu Student’s Death Sparks Outrage

The death of Dr. Nimrita a final year BDS student at Chandka Medical College Larkana Sindh has sparked outrage. The deceased was found dead in her hostel room giving birth to suspicions about the incident.

Medical Reports Reveal Dr. Nimrita Was Raped And Murdered

According to the initial investigation report, it seems that the young doctor committed suicide, but these claims have been dismissed by her brother, who is a doctor and is a teacher at Dow medical university Karachi. According to him, her sister did not commit suicide, but instead, she was raped and murdered. The initial medical report later confirmed this.

A Tragedy for Secular Interior Sindh

The interior of Sindh has one of the highest diversity in terms of religion in the country. It’s home to various tribal and ethnic minorities who have been living there for generations. Hindus make up a sizable minority in the province and have a huge cultural contribution to the region.

Just recently assault on Hindu teacher and temples in Ghotki followed by blasphemy allegations had made news. The incident just shocked entire Pakistani nation that went to every extent to show solidarity with their Hindu brothers (a fact evident from folks reaction of the incident expressed on Twitter). Now, the suspicious death of a young student Dr.Nimrita is making people raise a question on where things went wrong in the Sindh a province popular for its secular ethos.

People from all over Pakistan are sending their condolences for Nimrita’s horrible death and are praying that the perpetrators of this horrific crime be brought to justice.


Indians after hearing about the horrendous incident took to social media and had this to say


The minorities in Pakistan enjoy a greater degree of freedom as compared to India where mistreatment of minorities, especially Muslims, is a common thing. Some Pakistanis while replying to Indian tweeples requested them not to paint this incident as a religious issue because they thought it to be a social issue.


Pakistani citizens were outraged and demanding justice for the deceased.

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