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Nintendo Announces A Mario Film With illumination

Nintendo has made a surprise announcement for the Mario lovers. The Japanese video games company is coming up with a Mario film that will feature Mario, the hero of an iconic video game.

Nintendo’s Mario Film

Reports suggest that Nintendo will make the Mario film in partnership with Illumination Entertainment. Creator of the Mario series of video games, Shigeru Miyamoto, will co-produce the movie with CEO of Illumination studio Chris Meledandri. Universal Pictures will distribute the Mario Film. Till now there are no reports about the writer of the film. Fans are also curious about who would voice for the Mario.

Nintendo which has made a name for itself in the gaming world after launching its gaming console Nintendo Switch, might be looking to enter the media entertainment with Mario Film.

Public Response to Nintendo’s Mario Film Announcement

Nintendo of America announced Mario film via Twitter. The company’s tweet received a massive response from the viewers, who expressed their opinion in retweets. Insight into a public response to Mario Film’s announcement is showing that people are perceiving the movie in term of Illumination studio’s previous work. They talked about Despicable Me, Minions, The Secret of Life and other animated films of the Illumination.

Most of the Twitter users objected to the Illumination’s alleged copying of ideas from other movies. They also opined the Nintendo shouldn’t have collaborated with Illumination to come up with anything like Mario Film.

But there was also no lack of fans who admired the Illumination’s state of the art animation and picture quality that makes it stand with the likes of Dreamworks.

Illumination and Nintendo’s Collaboration

It is very common for films and video games to take inspiration from each other. Animation studios and video game franchises often collaborate with each other to bring another piece of art for fans. But such collaboration comes up with tremendous responsibility. Nintendo’s Mario is ruling the video game arena for many years. Due to such immense popularity, it is likely for the fans to develop an emotional attachment to the character. Hence, Illumination would need to go the extra mile for doing justice to the game’s integrity.

As far the Illumination’s animation work is concerned, then it is outstanding. On the story side, the firm character of Mario itself is enough. So, fans can hope that amalgam of strong animation skills and a story featuring gaming world’s heartthrob Mario, would bring a treat for the eyes.

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