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How Nintendo Switch 2021 Will be An Upgraded Model

The gaming community has been waiting for Nintendo Switch 2021 for almost two years. The rumor that the company was planning to upgrade the Switch and it was going to be released in the initial months of 2020, was out from 2019. However, the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa stated that they had no intention of launching a device in 2020. On the contrary, multiple industrial analysts foretold that there might be a Nintendo Switch pro after all in the year 2021. They predicted that the firm was finally planning to create a pro version soon. It might come in July 2021 or at the E3 event by Entertainment Software Association. 

Specifications and Appearance for Nintendo Switch 2021

Nintendo Switch 2018 was one of the models to impress gamers bigtime. Now that news about a possible Nintendo Switch 2021 is again garnering attention, many are wondering about its design and features. Reportedly, the company is working on the internal specs of the console. It will be equipped with 8Gb Ram, which is more than the current models have. It will have a storage capacity of 128GB approximately. So that the users don’t have to buy an external memory card to enhance the storage. Moreover, it is expected to have a built-in Nvidia graphic card to provide gamers with a better and smart gaming experience. Lastly, the installation of 7 Inch 4K OLED panel will complete the gamers’ search for a portable console. 

Is It Going to Be Costly?

As per several gamers, the new Nintendo Switch 2021 will be an expensive device to purchase, given its specifications. The currently running version costs $299. Thus, the anticipators can expect to be higher than that. It might be around $400 or more, according to social media users. 

Also, there seems to be one issue that has resulted in making Nintendo products expensive. Previously, due to covid19, the supply chains and shipping faced hardships in providing the retailers with consoles. The third-party shopkeepers and sellers raised the price high for the consumers of the products. This might be counted as a reason behind a high price range for the current as well as upcoming Nintendo gaming consoles.

What Are The Other Options?

Gaming world is a vast dimension for those with the craze to explore the virtual and AI world. Multiple consoles with much more capability can satisfy the gaming freaks’ desires. Those who know what games and devices are more enjoyable, know the difference between Nintendo Switch 2021 and other platforms. These platforms can be considered as equally expensive yet superior in providing a better gaming experience. People can always go for PlayStation 4 which has a comparatively advanced in offering capture features and VR support to the gamers. One can easily buy a PS4 slim against the price of a Nintendo Switch. In $300, people can choose Xbox one, which is a modified gaming box for those who are fond of Microsoft exclusive games. Moreover, Nintendo consoles cannot provide FPS (Frames per second) like other devices do. The console has certain boundaries that it cannot break. For instance, the gamers who have a heart for GTA series or Horizon Forbidden West, would probably not spend $300 or more than that on a Switch. They might prefer a better, stable, and less expensive machine to enjoy high-profile games like the mentioned ones.

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