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Funny Reactions to Pitbull’s Not Coming for PSL Opening Ceremony

Another season of thrilling Pakistan Super League is just a few hours away and the first dose of shock and entertainment has already begun. Famous American rapper Pitbull was earlier scheduled to perform at the PSL opening ceremony in Dubai, but he couldn’t come.

In a video message to his fans, the singer told that he was excited to perform in the opening ceremony but he couldn’t come as pieces of the engine came apart after plane landed following a test flight.

And, people were disappointed for his refusal to come at the very last moment.

Here is what he had to say.

Pitbull’s Absence from Opening Ceremony- What Pakistanis Are Saying?

Every year PCB gets some internationally famous singer to perform in PSL. Before this, Jason Desrulo had performed at PSL 2018 Opening Ceremony. Earlier, it was Shaggy. Now, this year PCB invited Pitbull but he is not able to come for maintenance issues of the plane as he told in his video message.

Well, Pakistanis have a mixed of reaction over his not coming to the ceremony. Many fans are angry but there are those who think that country’s own singers are enough capable of giving the best performance on such occaisons.

They are exactly like, who cares.

Some Angry Reactions Also Followed

This Mahatma Gandhi Meme…

Why Pitbull When We Have Ali Azmat

Fans are now rooting for Ali Azmat to act as Pitbull. After all this veteran Pakistani singer doesn’t lack in term of swag and singing skill. All he needs is, glasses and beard and the country has its own Pitbull.

Singers who are more than capable of making a ceremony huge success.

This one is really funny and on-point. Afterall, who on the Earth doesn’t know Johnny Sins.

Fans also think that Pitbull has not come to perform in PSL Opening ceremony because it is Valentine’s Day.

Well, it seems they actually don’t care.

Who Else Is Performing at PSL Opening Ceremony?

Many Pakistani singers including Junoon, Aima Baig and Shuja Haider are performing at the PSL Opening ceremony in Dubai, which will be followed by the opening match between defending champions Islamabad United and Lahore Qaladndars. This year the event is going to be fun as more matches will be played in Pakistan according to PSL 2019 Schedule.

This is the fourth consecutive time that event is taking place. Every year it brings a special kind of on field and off-field fun, particularly that social media entertainment that fans crave the most.

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