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Noman Ijaz Gets Criticized for His Take on Metoo and Cheating His Wife

Veteran Pakistani actor Noman Ijaz is facing criticism on social media for his controversial take on the popular MeToo movement. Not that the actor gave disturbing remarks about a movement against sexual harassment of women but also he admitted cheating his wife and skillfully hiding it from her. He also stated that MeToo was nothing but due to the fact that people were deviating from religion.

Noman Ijaz on MeToo Movement

On a show based on YouTube channel, the host Iffat Omer recently invited Noman Ijaz who is known for his acting in Pakistani dramas for almost three decades. Apparently, the conversation took a unique turn when Noman spoke about his nature of getting attracted to other women and pursuing relationships with them even if he is a married man. When Iffat asked him about how he manages to keep his relationships hidden, Nouman replied by saying that he is a great actor and an intelligent man who knows how to keep things balanced. Iffat again inferred that whether the other women also get involved? His answer to this was, yes they do but it’s their husbands who are unaware of such activities. 

Fans Slam Noman Ijaz

Fans have always admired the work of their favorite artists but when they cross their ethical and moral limits, love transforms into hatred. From the reactions on social media it appears, the fans who used to admire the acting of famous actor Noman Ijaz have now started hating him for his disgusting discourse about his relationships with other women. The actor’s statement that it was his nature to fall in love with other women besides his wife and he continued to appreciate this behavior, was what made the public angry.

Controversial US citizen Cynthia Ritchie also had an opinion on this matter but she just found a way to backlash Iffat instead of Noman. As per her statement, she didn’t seem to understand why Iffat Omar was laughing at such a statement since the very thing said by Numan was nothing but a revolting fact about his life. Instead of feeling sorry for his wife, Iffat continued to laugh.

Apparently, Noman’s disturbing comments were not problematic but Iffat’s sarcastic laugh was an issue.

People presented their diverse opinions regarding the act that Nouman claimed to pursue all the time i.e. cheating on his wife. As conveyed by the public, Noman’s wife presumably knew about his affairs and relationships but he himself was unaware of his wife’s intellect. In other words, he didn’t seem to know that his wife possessed the knowledge of his unfaithfulness. 

Few months back, film actor and director Javed Sheikh’s MeToo opinion had also stirred controversy.

More Criticism on Actor Being Allowed to Share His Opinion

Where many of Noman’s fans have criticized him due to his bitter truth of failing his wife by constantly cheating on her, several individuals stated that there was no need for such a person or actor to come on air and talk like this. They need to keep their personal life to themselves and should not reveal their personal matters in out and open. Actors and artists with such mentality should not be given privileges as they spread unworthy and immoral messages in the community. Noman is a fine actor and without a doubt a successful one, but clearly he lacks morality, and therefore, he is not ashamed of such shameful act that he seems to be bragging about.

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