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North Korea Conducts New Missile Tests

North Korea has conducted new missile tests. The Army has fired three new short-range missiles. There were earlier reports of the tests’ failure. However, new reports suggest that they all were a success. The US military has confirmed the success of the tests.

South Korea on North Korea’s New Missile Tests

The South Korean Joint Chief of Staff has stated that the new missile tests were successful. Furthermore, he said that the missiles flew around 155 miles from North Korea’s eastern coast. Similarly, he added that the US and South Korean militaries are already assessing the launch. They did not provide any further details immediately.

The earlier reports had said that all three of the new missile tests did not become successful. Furthermore, it stated that the failure for two of the missiles took place during flight. The third one, as per reports, was immediately blown up.

No Immediate Threat to Guam

There were reports of missiles posing a threat to Guam, a US territory near North Korea.  However, the US believes these new missile tests do not pose any threats to the US military facilities in Guam. North Korea has already issued a threat to destroy Guam through missile attacks.

US Warnings to North Korea

The United States has already given a warning to North Korean on its new missile tests. Even Trump, the US President issued threats to North Korea to face the consequences. At that time, the US military had stated that it was continuously monitoring the situation.

The US and South Korean Military Exercises

The new missile tests come a few days after the start of the US and South Korean military exercises. North Korean leadership has already conveyed its dismay over these exercises. North Koreans believe that these exercises are a threat to their country. They label them as a rehearsal for a full on war with North Korea.

Simulated Special Forces Training

North Korea Conducts New Missile TestsBefore conducting the new missile tests, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un had inspected a simulated operation by the special forces. The stated media reported that the operation imitates training of special forces to attack South Korean Islands bordering the country.

These special forces operational exercises are also seen as a response to the military exercises between the United States and South Korea. The state’s Central News Agency further elaborated the particular operation. It said that the operation involved striking contests involving self-propelled guns, multiple rocket launchers, and war planes. The special forces of North Korea imitated the landing on South Korean islands using rubber boats.

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