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North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan

North Korea has fired yet another missile over Japan. In the latest North Korean missile episode, Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe have vowed to put more pressure on the oppressive regime.

Japanese PM’s Response on Missile Over Japan

The Japanese Prime Minister has said that this missile over Japan is unprecedented and presents a grave danger to his country’s security. The phone call of the Japanese PM with Trump lasted for 40 minutes, urging him for the need to call a meeting of the UN Security Council immediately.

North Korea Serious About its Threats

A missile over Japan represents that North Korea is sticking to the threats it earlier made to attacking Guam. This missile over Japan sends Washington and Japan a clear message that North Korean may threaten Guam. Furthermore, the Premier said that his government has protested against North Korea via Japan’s embassy in Beijing.US Ready to Face the Guam Threat by North Korea.

It is the third missile over Japan fired by North Korea. The country had fired its first missile in 1998 and the second missile in 2009. Although, North Korea claims these two were satellites. Japanese Prime Minister wants the US and the world to exert pressure on North Korea.

The Missile Fired Over Japan

The missile experts believe it to be a newer intermediate-range Hwasong-2 which flew over Hokkaido. The missile passed over Hokkaido, landed 733 miles away into the Pacific. It is the same missile that North Korea had recently started to launch, threatening to destroy Guam.

Chinese Response to Missile Fired Over Japan

China has asked all the parties to exercise restraint while warning that the situation in Korean Peninsula may worsen, leading to a tipping flash point. China has blamed both the US and North Korea for the tensions. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman asked what could China do if North Korea kept doing its missile tests while the US & South Korea were conducting military exercises.

Japan Did Not Shoot Down the Missile

The warning system did advise people in the North to seek shelter. However, the self-defense forces of Japan did not try to shoot down the missile. The missile reportedly did not have any falling debris.

Launch Site of Hwasong-2

North Korea Fires Missile Over JapanNHK, the public broadcast of Japan had reported that the missile was launched from a site near the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. It went over a sparsely populated area in Hokkaido at around 6:00 am local time and landed into the sea after breaking into three parts.

North Korea conducted three new missile tests a couple of days ago, raising the tensions in the region. This missile over Japan directly threatens the country and adds to the frustrations by China and United States.

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