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Donald Trump’s sign on the North Korean sanctions has deteriorated the situation. The threat by North Korea to have missile strike on Guam is real. The President of the US Donald Trump is responding by warning North Korea. He said that his country would meet North Korea with fire and fury, not seen by the world before. Why Worry Over Threat of Missile Strike on Guam? The United States always tames down the threat, trying to resolve it by involving other nations including China. However, this time around it is different because of the intelligence reports. The US intelligence agencies believe that the country is now able to produce miniature nuclear warhead. The new reports also suggest that North Korean ICBM can carry this miniaturized nuclear warhead. Miniaturization is a big technological hurdle for many countries when trying to create a warhead that can fit into a nuclear missile. Quick Reaction from the North Korean Leader Political analysts believe that the North Korean leader was quick to respond to the sanctions by the United States. The country is carefully examining its strategy to attack a remote US territory Guam. The regime says that it will put the plan into action any time. The North Korean leadership keeps moving towards development of more missiles. It says it is not deterred by the new sanctions imposed on it by the United Nations. Why North Korean Threats Missile Strike on Guam? North Korea has issued many threats in the past for attacking Alaska or other states where its nukes could potentially reach. Most of these threats are never taken seriously by the United States. However, in this case the threat to have a missile strike on Guam is taken seriously for many reasons. North Korea knows that it is not easy to test fire a long range missile that can successfully hit its target. The country therefore did not give a threat to a far off location from its own geographical surroundings. Guam is a sovereign territory of the United States. It is not too far away from the nuclear range of the North Korean missiles. The United States has a naval station and a strategic airfield to support its different missions in the region. There are several Air Force and Naval installations on this island. The island also houses US nuclear submarines, special operation forces, and a point for launching strategic flights into different parts of the pacific region. Governor’s Response to North Korean Missile Strike on Guam Eddie Baza Calvo, the Governor of Guam posted an address on YouTube while responding to the prevailing security situation. In his address, he has asked the people of Guam not to worry about the threats. Furthermore, he stated that he is working with US Homeland Security and other officials to ensure security of the Island. Similarly, he said that there are different levels of defenses protecting the Island well as its residents. Calvo also added that Guam is part of the US and any attack on it would be considered an attack on the United States.
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