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North Korea Test Fires an Unidentified Missile

North Korea conducted an unidentified missile test in the presence of Kim Jong Un on Thursday, May 9, 2019. The South Koreans were unable to identify the type of the missile but assured a missile was fired.

Unidentified Missile Fired by North Korea

In a press conference senior South Korean official informed the media that North Korea fired an unidentified missile type from northwest town of Sino-ri that traveled 260 miles. The launched missile didn’t target any South Korean military or civilian infrastructure hence presents no threat to the country, he added. The South Korean official refrained from giving immediate details regarding the situation.

Does It Herald the Rise of Tensions in Region

Continuous missile tests by North Korea has raised tension in the Korean peninsula at a time when there’s a stalemate in negotiation between the US and North Korea. On Wednesday the North Korean authorities blasted at the US and South Korea stating that the test it conducts regularly are purely for self-defense. They further dismissed any accusation regarding provocation

The Use of Escalation Tactics to Attain One’s Goal 

This is not the first time North Korean has used escalation tactic to attain its goals. Other than the rockets launched North Korea on Saturday launched a short ranged ballistic missile according to experts could reach up to 311 miles

At the end of 2017, Kim Jong-un declared his nuclear force complete and expressed his intentions to negotiate peace with South Korea and the US. This resulted in two summit meetings with the US president Donald Trump and three similar meetings with South Korean leader.

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