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North Korean ICBM Can Hit the US Anywhere

North Korean ICBM can now reach any region or state within the United States, claims the country’s state media. The new North Korean ICBM lurched into the air in complete darkness carrying additional capabilities. Furthermore, the state media also reiterated that the country finally reached its goal of becoming a nuclear state.

Hwasong-15 – The New North Korean ICBM

The new North Korean ICBM or the Hwasong-15 comes forth as the most potent weapon so far. The inter-ballistic missile landed near the Japanese shores. The test is in defiance of the international sanctions against the country. Besides the call for the UN Security Council emergency meeting, it drew condemnation from across the globe.

In response, South Korea also launched one of its ballistic missiles besides carrying live firing drills.

What’s Different about the New Nuke?

Besides the local media giving it that excellent midnight coverage, international press also took notice of it. The national version states the missile reached heights of 950 kilometers. It landed just 250 kilometers away from the Japanese shores. This time the supreme leader of the country, Kim Jong-un himself approved the launch.

the new North Korean ICBM

A Surprising Statement of Peace

Well, no one expects a statement of peace from North Korea, claiming to be a responsible nuclear state. However, after the text, the country’s statement declares it to be a responsible nuclear nation, claiming to use the new found power for global peace. Furthermore, the statement adds that the country will not use its atomic capability if its interests are not infringed.

How Long Can the New Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Travel?

There are different estimates about the range of this new nuke. However, an overwhelming majority of nuclear scientists believe it to travel up to 13,000 kilometers. If it follows the standard trajectory, it can reach any part of the United States.

The analysts also add caution to these estimates. They argue that the current test could only carry a light warhead. Therefore, it is difficult to say if it can take a heavy payload to such long distances. Kim Jong-un and his team of nuclear scientists believe it can carry such heavy warhead and reach its destination, anywhere in the US.  

World’s Response to the New Nuclear Tests by North Korea

Here is a glimpse of the world’s reaction to the new nuclear missile tests.

  • The UN Secretary-General maintains that it is the violation of the international sanctions.
  • Chinese government shows grave concern over the new test.
  • Japanese PM terms the launch as violent and intolerable.
  • South Korean leadership manages that North Koreans are indulging into reckless behavior.

Donald Trump, the US President, only resorted to saying that the United States will take care of it.

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