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North Korean Nuclear Site May Implode

Nothing is deterring the North Korean regime from conducting further tests. A Chinese scientist, Wang Naiyan believes that the latest five tests may implode the North Korean nuclear site. If the North Korean nuclear site, named Punggye-ri, does crumble, it could lead to the entire region feeling the effects of radiation.

One Mountain Remains Prime North Korean Nuclear Site

The country conducted all its latest tests under one mountain, making it the single most critical North Korean nuclear site.

The belief that the North Korean nuclear site might crumble comes from the mounting evidence. The quake stations in China and the neighboring countries indicate the epicenter of the tremor. Scientists believe that the evidence suggests only one North Korean nuclear site is used for all recent tests.

Accuracy of the Technology Used for Measuring Earth Quake Tremors

The Chinese scientists state that they have the latest technology available for measuring the earthquakes. Furthermore, they say that this technology is highly accurate with a margin of error not exceeding 100 meters.

Environmental Disaster in the Making

The Chinese Scientists believe that the implosion of the North Korean nuclear site may result in an ecological catastrophe. If the entire Punggye-ri mountain caves in, it will expose the radioactive material to the environment.

Limited Nuclear Site Options available to North Korea

The Chinese scientists say that since North Korean has a limited land area, it does not have many options available regarding testing sites. Furthermore, they argue that for a mountain to be suitable for nuclear tests, it must be high with relatively flatter slopes.

Similarly, they also state that if North Korea carefully conducts its tests at the bottom of the mountain holes drilled, it has lesser chances of imploding the mountain. However, they further add that North Korea does not have the technical expertise and funds to drill from the top of the mountain straight down to the bottom. Similarly, they add that there are technical difficulties in conducting tests in this manner requiring placement of sensors and cables.

Intensity of the Latest Tests by North Korea

The new North Korean tests are the biggest by the country so far. Scientific estimates suggest the new test released the energy of 108.3 kilotons which is around 7.8 times more than the bomb dropped by the US on Hiroshima. Some other estimates suggest the energy discharged may be ten times more than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Bomb dropped on HiroshimaLimited Options Available to the US

Despite Trump’s warnings to North Korea, the regime shows no signs of slowing down. There are concerns that the US may not be able to persuade North Korea to stop conducting tests. The severity of the situation can be felt by the US and its allies neighboring the country. The missile over Japan has already created a lot of unrest.

The use of force by the United States is not currently considered as an option on the table. Since, the army, according to reports, believes that the fire power of the US military may not be able to wipe out all nuclear missiles in quick succession altogether.

However, the United States seems determined to give some reply. In one Tweet, Donald Trump mentioned taking extreme trade measures against the country. It may involve the US not doing business with countries which trade with North Korea.  

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