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Not One but Eight People Co-Win the Spelling Bee 2019

Never in the history of the spelling bee has such an event occurred in which instead of one, eight participants have been crowned co-winners of a spelling bee. This is precisely what happened at the spelling bee 2019.

8 Co-Champions Of Spelling Bee 2019 Were Crowned

After a grueling 20 round competition and experts running shorts of words to throw at the contestants, the spelling bee organizers after careful deliberation and consideration announced that all those finalists who spelled their words correctly will be awarded 50 thousand dollars as prize money and will be crowned co-winners of the spelling bee 2019.

According to the rules usually there can only be two winners and not more, but the sheer skill and performance of the contestants forced the organizers to change the rules to suit the situation. More interesting fact about this year’s spelling bee is that seven of the eight winners were Indian Americans.

This news alone has surged a wave of pride amongst the Indian community who live in the states and abroad. The contestants who participated were aged between 12 -14yrs   and competed against five hundred and forty-six compotators in total before reaching the finals.

The name of the winners are as follows

  • Rishik Gandhasri, 13
  • Erin Howard, 14
  • Saketh Sundar, 13
  • Shruthika Padhy, 13
  • Sohum Sukhatankar, 13
  • Abhijay Kodali, 12
  • Christopher Serrao, 13
  • Rohan Raja, 13

What’s Next For These Kids

The winners of this year’s spelling bee are set to appear on different tv shows as guests including the all-time famous talk show Jimmy Kimble live in the coming days. Dr. Jacques Bailly, who was the pronouncer and the winner of the 1980 spelling bee, was so impressed by the performance of all the contestants. He declared them to be the best contestants to have competed to date.

While conduction the program the 1980 winner in an address to the constants said we have thrown the dictionary at you and you have shown it who’s boss.

 Folks Reacting to Spelling Bee Competition Result

A hail of congratulations from all over the world started pouring in the moment the finalists were announced. The American embassy in India posted this after the competition finished.

Some of the words that appeared years had Hebrew and Yiddish origins this excited people who regard these languages as their mother tongue.

Watching the spelling bee 2019 many people realized that these kids were much smarter than the current president of the United States who got trolled for misspelling chief.

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