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Is Nysa Devgan Becoming a Celebrity After Her Viral Dance Video?

Bollywood superstars Kajol and Ajay Devgan’s daughter, Nysa Devgan is gaining recognition as her dance video went viral on social media. She was dancing to one of her mother’s famous Bollywood songs ‘Bolay Chooriyan’ at a school event along with her group. Some Social media users have become curious that if the public is going to witness a younger version of Kajol in Hindi films. 

Nysa Devgan Becomes Famous For Dance? 

Nysa Devgan was presently seen dancing at a school event on one of the Bollywood songs which played a vital role in making her mother, Kajol more popular. Seeing her grooving on the same Hindi playlists, several Bollywood fans supposedly became nostalgic about the movie ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’. She also danced to some other Hindi songs which made people start admiring the rising star. Besides, many liked the way she revealed her versatility through her dance talent. 

Is Nysa Going to Debut in Hindi Film Industry?

Reportedly, Nysa Devgan is among those star kids who have kept their lives hidden from the world. She never came out as a celebrity. Nonetheless, her viral video is proof of her affection towards her parents’ profession. This led the people who are into Bollywood gossips, to wonder about the intentions of Ajay and Kajol regarding their daughter’s future in the industry. 

Also, some people on social media are curious if the Devgan family will also jump into the nepotism swamp, which allegedly convinced the late Bollywood star, Sushant Singh Rajpoot to commit Suicide. 

Challenges Of being A Kid of Celebrities 

Nysa Devgan shared a video containing a collage of pictures and videos in which she conveyed what sort of hurdles she had passed while growing up as a famous being. Nysa also mentioned that she has to figure out her own identity and place especially when the whole world knows her parents as celebrities. 

The dance video might be an initial step towards the big achievements in Bollywood. Maybe Nysa will present fans with the highest-grossing Bollywood films like her parents did. 

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